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PUBLIC BANKING: Boston/Massachusetts


The Boston "chapter" of the national [[Public Banking Institute], which meets monthly, is planning several strategic and tactical actions, around creating public banks. Recently reported actions, including meeting with the Governor about his recent memo asking the legislature to create a 50% private/public bank, and the draft response memo from activists. A "strategic plan" is being developed, modeled after "the Maryland plan", which centers around getting stakeholders involved. Alt currency, crowdfunding, and other proposals also being considered.

CONTACT: terraf at compuserve d ot com


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[Federal Reserve Report] denying the feasibility of applying North Dakota Success to Massachusetts, and the Public Banking Institute's response.

[Massachusetts study]. Ask for the most recent memo, and the draft response (in process.)

[1841 meeting in Boston about National Bank]: Meeting of the friends of a. National Bank, convened by Public Notice, at the Exchange Coffee House, in Boston, on Thursday Evening, July 16, 1841, JOSEPH H. ADAMS, Chairman, E. COPELAND, Jr., Secretary, An Address to the People of the United States was presented by P, P. F. Degrand, containing the outlines of a Plan, for a National Bank, and showing, that to give healthful action to the vital functions of the Constitution of the United States, such a Bank, invested vdth the powers described in the A ddress, is indispensably necessary :W hereupon, E, H. Derby, Esq. offered the following Votes, which he sustained, in a lucid and convincing manner, and after remarks by Messrs. Samuel Dorr, Benjamin Gould, Henry Williams, William F. Weld, William Savage, P. P. F. Degrand, and others, these votes were carried, as follows: Voied That this Address be and it is hereby approved and adopted. (Typographical errors above are due to OCR software and don't occur in the book.)


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[Secret of Oz] movie about the importance of getting the Federal Reserve (and the banking system) out of the grips of profiteers.


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