Publishing Financial Reports

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Publishing Financial Reports

This is a brief set of instructions for publishing financial reports on the wiki.

In Quickbooks go to Reports > Report List > Memorized Reports. You'll see four reports whose names end in "for wiki". Use these to generate reports for the wiki.

Choose the report you want to run, and the date range you want to run it for. Run the report.

Click "Excel" to generate a spreadsheet version of the report. Save it as one of the following file names:

  • fawg-balance-sheet-YYYYMM.xls
  • fawg-profit-loss-YYYYMM.xls
  • fawg-working-group-YYYYMM.xls
  • fawg-general-ledger-YYYYMM.xls

Replace "YYYYMM" with the year and month that corresponds to the report data. From Financial Accountability, locate the section for the report you're adding. Edit the section, adding a link for the new month. Save.

On the Financial Accountability page, your link will appear in red, indicating the page hasn't been created yet. Click the (red) link to create the new page.

Open your .xls file. Copy the body of the report.

Go to Paste the report body into the "CSV data" field. Choose "TAB" as the separator character, and click "Convert to mediaWiki!"

Copy the resulting mediawiki table markup, and paste this into your wiki page.

Upload your .xls file to Add a link to the .xls file add the bottom of the report page.

Add the category tag [[Category:Financial Accountability]] at the bottom of the page.

Save. And you're done!

If you have any questions about the needed wiki markup, look at one of the existing report pages.

As a final note: it's okay to use .ods in place of .xls when uploading spreadsheets to the wiki. (.ods, or "open document spreadsheet" is an open file format; .xls is a proprietary Microsoft format)