Revising Our Concept of Government

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This is a page for ideas on how to restructure government to serve people better. This page emerged from the discussion about how corporations have too much control over our government and what to do about it.

This page is intended to be "beyond that which is on the Congressional table currently". The page is broken up into two sections. Long term, for extremely radical ideas...such as removing all currency. The top half is for radical reformation ideas.

There is broad consensus that too much of "our government" is focused on protection of profit, instead of protecting the rights of people, their right to jobs which pay a living wage. While case law and public policy guided by corporate lawyers has evolved to favor profit, the original intention of the people who gave their lives in the American Revolution was to protect the right to "small property"...the right for a farmer to own enough to feed his family, NOT for the right to rip off the entire nation. To prevent the government from becoming effectively a "piracy guarantee corporation" to keep the public out of the get away route, we propose the following.


Establish RIGHT TO COMMONS, and basic needs

  • - right to basic shelter
  • - right to basic healthcare
  • - right to clean water
  • - right to clean air
  • - right to healthy food
  • - right to basic internet access
  • - right to living wage
  • - right to open space (green space, parks etc)

All corporations must respect these rights or be taxed to pay for costs associated with satisfying those rights, with specific penalties associated with the overhead of clean up and retroactive punity.

Change NSA's Mission to SUPPORT those rights

Have NSA go after the real criminals. Wall Street. Polluters. Worker-abuse. The NSA has NO INCENTIVE to look at Wall Street, or banks. In fact, it's illegal if they do. And yet the agencies that DO have the mission to prevent financial misdeeds to our currency and other crimes against nature are NOT COVERED in NSA's mission. NSA's mission is to look for physical/virtual threats according to an archaic definition of threats. We would (could?) redefine what a threat to the public is, including ripping us off, pollution, lying, etc. THAT would be the most useful thing I could think of for NSA. And the NSA employees might actually like that shift in mission. It might actually help the commerc and SEC to "do their job" if that mission was shifted. That being said, we need to revise our whole concept of public responsibility.


ANARCHY: Return to local rule by tribal council, or no rule at all. Total anarchy. [I put this here, to let you know that I understand that some people want this, and that it may be completely possible long term. Personally, I (Terra) am focusing on Radical Reformation, but want a space to put ideas for advanced thinking]