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This is the homepage for the Dewey Square Safety Working Group of Occupy Boston.



November 4, 2011 Message of unity from long-time community member and Safety team member, Carlos Ashmanskas

There are situations and incidents where no one has control over. There are no ways to diffuse a situation where those who use the process use it for their own agenda. The knowledge of a violent situation without action is in direct conflict with our mission statement of a peaceful assembly. The condoning of any violence is unacceptable. The enforcement of any violation for one but not another is inexcusable. Enforcing a peaceful block only to allow a person in camp knowing full well of his violent intentions is disturbing. Encouraging any violent incident to play out is detrimental. The willful denial of a possible deadly incident is an issue that needs to be addressed. The trust between Occupy Boston and the general public has to be restored, readdressed, and rebuilt. Whether or not anyone wants to acknowledge this camp is unsafe is beyond the point. As we currently encourage and invite others into the camp, it is our responsibility, and obligation to ensure this environment is safe. To enable, and ignore the problems are only further derailing our message that we are putting out to the general public. Achieving solidarity among all members of any single working group is one of the most beneficial goals to work towards in the short term. Maintaining the peace and creating a community that can function as a single element to enable us to communicate with the powers that be is a crucial step. We have won the camp. Mayor Thomas Menino has said that we can keep our camp as long as it is safe. If we want to celebrate this as a victory it is one’s own interpretation. Apparently we have not taken the camp from the very problems that plague the streets, cities, neighborhoods, and communities all around the world. This is not an isolated problem, and Occupy Boston is not immune to the social problems that exist in the world. Every night there is a new incident. Our camp is held in a darker shade of grey and continues to darken as the incidents grow more out of hand. It is only a random event at any given time that is needed to take any if any control out of our hand. We may be loyal to the movement, but loyalty to those who have entrusted us with this endeavor, whether it is through, money, tents, clothing, blankets, or words of support that is of the utmost importance. Failing to do so puts you in alliance to the forces that are constantly present waiting to squash this movement. They want to discredit you. Taking no action will only make us all be the ones discrediting it. By entering and interacting with this camp you understand the rules, and process that we are taking on in order to be best bringing about the best solutions through giving everyone’s a voice a stage in democracy. This process is perfect, but imperfect in action, but it is the process that we have agreed to because deep down we know it is the right thing to do. We must be united, and we must enforce this unity so that this unity is not broken by our own doing. There is no other way.

Carlos Ashmanskas


November 1, 2011 afternoon

Good Neighbor Agreement ratified by morning GA (to be uploaded)

Proposal for De-escalation and Removal of dangerous individuals/evictions ratified by morning GA (to be uploaded)

November 1, 2011 3:10 AM

Method for the Removal of Individual(s) from Camp Proposal

October 29, 2011

Joint Proposal passed with amendments! To be uploaded on the wiki soon!

Joint meeting between Comm Wellness, Safety, Nonviolence, and DA Monday 10/31 9pm to create proposal for an eviction protocol. Meet upstairs in South Station.


Safety Working Group Proposal posted!

Safety Working Group and Community Wellness joint, revised proposal. To be discussed at emergency Friday 10/28 GA.

The first rule of safety is to remain calm and be observant of your surroundings.
Be aware of things going on around you and do not panic.
Join with other calm people to keep those around you calm and be considerate of others at all times.


NEED CONTACT! Try Logistics/Mediation/InfoTest, in the meantime.

Based on: Safety at wikispaces