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This page is an experiment in using the wiki as an alternative to email for discussion. Feel free to add comments and topics. (But please keep them relevant to singing in connection with the Occupy moment!)

Schedule -- When is good for you?

The Occupy Boston schedule is busy, but in general, noon to 1:00pm seems like the best time. We've been gathering on Fridays at that time, but rather than meet the day after Thanksgiving, we'll meet Sunday of that weekend.

Songs you'd like to sing

Songs you could help lead


The lyrics booklet is evolving (and growing). We could probably use some help with printing, but the bigger job seems to be editing, and at the moment it's in an obscure document format.

Chorus posters

We have some chorus posters, but they don't work well in the wind. I'd like to try making a flip-chart of chorus posters, using a large, spiral-bound sketch pad and a fat marker, but that will require a deft hand at lettering. Any volunteers?