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This is where we're keeping a list of Social Enterprises (S.Ents) that are bubbling up within and around the Occupy Boston community.

In no particular order (if you know more about these, and/or have contact info please edit and/or add a page w/details):

- A "community gathering space", also known as an OB Headquarters (but people don't like the name HQ), and they don't like the name "home", so... what will it be called? I know practically nothing about this effort. It seems to be coming from the Spaces Group, which is looking for a space for OB. And it seems to involved a concept like a "co-op" mall of some sort with cafes, shops, services, etc...all done in a S.Ents way. There's supposed to be an announcement about this work at the GA tonight 1/14.

- A platform for fundraising, specifically along the lines of OB's beliefs and principles.

- A construction crew for building, managing logistics, etc.

- A job board (this one may end up being "internal" to OB as a free service, or some kind of donation generation to OB General Fund.

- A regional (northeast?) Occupy Credit Union

- Print shop

- Food Co-op/Cafe? not sure yet

- yours?