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These notes by R Krushnic:


The next meeting of the OB Space (formerly HQ) Working Group is at E5 Saturday January 13th (tomorrow) at 3:00 (two hours before GA).

My appologies. I have misplaced my meeting notes, so I cannot post decent notes of Wednesday's Space meeting. The following are minimal notes from my head:

There was some general recapping about what we wanted space for, to assist folks who had not attended prior meetings. Among space needs I can remember:

  • A cafe/sandwich shop, coopertively run
  • A democratic media training center
  • OB working group and GA meeting space
  • Rental space for progressive groups (sort of like E5), with wireless internet facilities, some combination of open space with rented desks & mini files; cubicles; conference room, etc. This is to provide income and help make the whole thing sustainable, to generate community among progressive groups.
  • OB Free University
  • Some kind of homeless assistance/affordable housing advocacy space

There remains much interest in sharing space with E5 (moving E5 from its current location), which would make Mass. Global Action a tenant. United for a Fair Economy has expressed interest in signing a lease on behalf of OB as long as OB can guarantee the rent for the lease term.

6 Commercial spaces in downtown Boston are under consideration.

Most of the Meeting was devoted to parcelling out research and writing sections to go into a "pitch" package and funding applications for fundraising to finance the space. About 10 people took responsibility for researching and writing up components, such as: how many folks slept at OB most nights, what were the OB street actions to date, how many student groups came through the encampment, how many folks were fed there, what were the OB Free University lectures/courses so far.

Several Space folks are working on a business plan.

It is hoped that folks who tok research and write up tasks can completed those tasks by tomorrow's meeting. If I don't find my notes, it's ok, because Monica also took down the list of who took the various research/write up tasks.

The Space Working Group hopes to take its ideas, recommendations, and write ups to GA soon to get GA feedback and direction.