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Format for Press Releases

user:Gunner October 28, 2011

Twitter: @occupyBOS_media



Boston, MA [10/21/2011] Content example.... Occupy Boston learned this week....

Content etc....

                                                              # # #

Occupy Boston started in Dewey Square in Boston on September 30, 2011 and has been directly inspired by our brothers and sisters at Occupy Wall St. in New York, and we stand in solidarity with them. The continuing occupation of Dewey Square—located outside of South Station in the heart of Boston’s Financial District—is just one of more than 120 separate Occupy encampments in cities across the nation and a symbol for “Occupiers” everywhere who support real and lasting change. The spirit of Occupy Wall Street has spread nationwide, and has an unofficial hub at Occupy Together. While these different occupations share many goals and attitudes, they each operate independently, and there is no national organization that can speak for all occupations. For more information visit

Graphics? (stickers/buttons, posters, etc.)

user:JFeathersmith Oct 8, 2011 7:12 pm

Should I start a new page here, or Outreach, or somewhere else for files to print posters, stickers, etc.? So far, I've been communicating w/Media about this stuff (I did the stickers), but I'm not sure where the line between Media and Outreach is.

re: Graphics? (stickers/buttons, posters, etc.)

user:Occupy_Boston Oct 8, 2011 7:38 pm

I would create a separate wiki page just for resources and then add links to both the Media and Outreach pages.

re: Graphics? (stickers/buttons, posters, etc.)

user:solidstates Oct 9, 2011 6:14 am

Sounds awesome. Added a Graphics page for you and tagged it media so it would appear in left hand nav.

New link name:

re: Graphics? (stickers/buttons, posters, etc.)

         ]] JFeathersmith

Super, thanks!

Videographers, photographers and people with on camera or mic experience.

user:solidstates Oct 7, 2011 11:46 am

Make a post here with what experience/interest you have. Lets put together a list of folks interested in covering Occupy Boston.

A few goals could would be to improve quality of low light capture at evening events like GA's. Have commentators broadcast to live stream when there is a break in coverage.

Enable teams to livestream on the move ( at marches ).

Set up a repository to collect and distribute media shot at event.

If there is somebody already working on this let us know their name and we can rally behind them.

re: Videographers, photographers and people with on camera or mic experience.

user:solidstates Oct 9, 2011 6:02 am

Visited the media tent yesterday. It appears there is an effort to collect and distribute video for occupy boston through a google group.

I'll drop the link on the main media page.

More sources for media coverage

user:Occupy_Boston Oct 7, 2011 10:15 pm

re: More sources for media coverage


And another great aggregator of content besides Google News:

(or go to and search for occupy boston.)

This will be a great resource for keep track of the news.

Calendar Item; SPP meeting, Monday, 10/30, 7pm, by the library tent

Can you post it? Thanks.

Highlight Action Items on Calendar?

I'd like to be able to look at the calendar and see ACTION items, (DA, flyering, marches, etc.) quickly. Could they be in red or something? Thanks.

Media Working group minutes and Agenda for next meeting

Media Working Group Meeting 11/2/2011 Meeting began approx 7:20 pm and ended at 9:30 pm

In attendance: Gunner, Jason P., Alex I, Nate, Mathew S., Martin, Phil, Liam, Ariel, Michael F., Scott, Gene Facilitation - Gunner Notes - Gunner

Agenda - made at the meeting Schedules Grievances potential budget items organizing volunteers Media Tent Issues Dividing Up Media Duties/Bubbles Team Communication Defining Strategy & Goals

Who decides what we post/structure/how we deal with the following areas

   website in general
   website front page blog

Facilitation of the Agenda: Group recognized we would not get to all of these agenda items, discussion to first set next meeting date

NEXT MEETINGS Sunday, Nov 6th - 5p-6p: Media Training for current media working group members and new members on how to talk to the press and outline of things needing to be done while on site Weds, Nov 9th, 7p-9p: Media Working Group Weekly Planning Meeting - at E5 33 Harrison Ave, 5th floor Every Weds from 7-9p Media Working Group will meet - currently at E5

Grievances - 15 mins was spent discussing this topic Areas discussed (the bullet points are the suggtions made for addressing grievance) on site coordination - Alex I feels that many who are commuters are not assisting with media tent while on site

   creating a schedule so that onsite media team campers, Alex I. and Mathew S., are only responsible for 9-5p and securing media tent after 11p, commuter team members take 5-8p slot and 8-11p slots
   discussion of having a smaller media tent and creating a computer lab that logistics or library would be responsible for

being asked to coordinate the Occupy Boston Calendar

   asking info table and outreach to also be responsible for this area

Twitter team

   making this a sub-group

Train other people to talk to media

   each working group in the camp be trained to talk to media, so the media team is not totally responsible and the only voice
   setting up a reoccurring class on media training including a train the trainers

Passwords - who has access to what?

   website site blog posting privileges
   press list

Three Goals of Occupy Boston Media

1. Inform the General Public

   Short Term Actions - such as marches, events, GA reports etc... using press releases, blog posts, twitter/facebook, video podcasts, photo streaming, (livestreaming)
   Editorialize on the issues - researched articles on the issues that fuel the Occupy movement (in conjunction with research team, but also investigative reporting)
   Promote individual narratives - stories of the occupiers - (aka being reporters in the camp and interviewing those who are participating written, video, photo)

2. Inform our own Occupy Boston site and participants

3. Communicate with the rest of the Occupations around the US and the World

(last two goals were not flushed out, but need to be on future agendas)

Audit of Media Working Group Resources

How do we inform?

Twitter - 2 accounts - @Occupy_Boston & @OccupyBOS_Media unknown # of admins @Occupy_Boston - Robin, Alex I, Ariel ? @OccupyBOS_Media - ?

Facebook - 2 pages - Community page - 21 admins, Event page

Website -

   overall privileges for the whole site - Gregg H and maybe others?
   main page -  posting privileges that we could identify - Alex I., Alex P., Joshua E., Jason P.

Subpages/sections that need some admin/editing from time to time

   calendar - admins Joshua E., Gunner, ???
   livestream - admins?

Minor/Infrequent updates for the other static pages like about, directions, etc Would like to have the whole site in different languages - for know flyers, main blog updates, static pages pages like about, directions, etc..

Press Releases currently Gunner is the one sending out press releases - access to press database - Gunner, Jason P., Nadeem

Video You Tube Vimeo admins?

Live Stream which accounts? admins?

Flickr Group admins?

Misc Questions - Tumblr account? Volunteer database

EMAIL addresses

various people checking address but not regularly admins of password to these email address?

Jason P. has password to and was also given to Mathew

Listserve, - current active list, - NO longer in use, needs to be archived then deleted

Google Docs volunteer spreadsheet draft and final press releases press contacts data base Participant willing to speak to media database

Onsite Equipment laptops - 5 onsite, 2 being repaired power strips & cords printer ? lamp

mixer/PA - this is GA's not media responsibility



10-2p - Press Liaisons - mainstream press on site looking for interviews etc..

Emergency requests from other working groups - to twitter something - email request for media interview, blog posting, or press release to be written, calendar posting, plus various non-media related requests -personal face to face request for press release, blog posting, or website update

People stopping by looking for general info

General Coverage

   press release/blog posting

Livestream - GAs, talks, events onsite, marches

Twitter on site of GAs, marches, events, talks

Calendar Updates

Website Updates

Blog posts to be written

Press Releases to be written

Interviewing participants and writing human interest pieces and/or doing short video interviews


aggregate press clippings

email answering

press monitoring

writing letters to the editor

video editing

photo editing

press release writing of non-urgent material/matters

facebook posting

twitter for Occupy Boston Media account of press hits etc...

ON SITE Schedule in Media Tent/Area

M-F 9 am - 5pm Alex I, Mathew S. recruiting Joshua S., and Josha E. (as they are usually there) Phil

Volunteers Needed M-F 5-8p 8-11p

Weekends 10-5p 5-8p 8-11p

Issues Addressed

Calendar to be moved off media as main responsibility and be given to info desk to deal with

Volunteer Schedules Gene and Martin will work on putting something out and helping to schedule volunteers Mathew will go in and start answering emails and do an email audit to see what kinds of emails are coming in so we can create folders and also figure out if there emails that just need to be forwarded to other working groups

For future agenda

Media List serve How to turn the chatter in productivity list being used more general discussion than conversation about who is going to do what as far as blogging, writing, interviewing

Agenda items that still need to be addressed at next meeting

Schedules potential budget items organizing volunteers Dividing Up Media Duties/Bubbles Team Communication

Next Meeting Weds, Nov 9th, 7p-9p: Media Working Group Weekly Planning Meeting - at E5 33 Harrison Ave, 5th floor We will need: Facilitator Note taker Someone to Report to GA

Any additional agenda items - We need a few things to start producing content.

1) A space to work. We have a VERY small desk now (at E5), and we need to start paying rent.

2) An editing station that remains at the work space. This is a mac powerful enough to render HD, and a large HDD (3TB should suffice for now).

3) Video editors, Shooters, and Audio Engineers to work on content that is piling up.

This can be addressed in 2 steps. Pass a budget with GA (after our group agrees), and then sift the chaos that is volunteer emails from all media accounts and sign-up lists.