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Educating Schools - volunteers needed

user:squibbish Thursday, 8:20 pm

Hi friends - I'm not exactly sure where to post this, so i've posted in a couple of places. I thought there had been an "education" working group (gen ed isn't it) on the wiki but I can't find it, and I think this is important. If you have advice, I would appreciate it.

A friend of mine who is a student teacher is planning a field trip for his 8th grade class next Friday (and has support/blessings from his school to do this). They need guides to show them around OccupyBoston and answer questions from the kids.

Who has an interest in educating and/or knows people who could help?

They will be visiting during the morning hours of 10/28. Please message me for more details. I plan on being one of their volunteers, but we really need 4 of us to go with small groups.

Thanks, everyone! Peace and ♥ Stephanie

Organization for Education Section

user:yanikn Oct 15, 2011 10:46 am

Anyone have ideas on how to organize al this?

I took the info from the Google Doc and formatted it for the wiki. There is definitely more info that we could put here.

And maybe a link to certain sections of the SPP page? That would be considered 'education' of different types of proposals that are being considered or have at least some support by members of the movement.

I was thinking organizing by topic (economy, tax havens, wealth disparity, etc.) and then within each topic we could do it chronologically (and then books about certain topics on the bottom of each category).

Please add more if there are items because I'm sure there are many more.

Also, what about a 'required reading' or 'read this first' section? This would provide the bare essentials so that people don't have to wade through the entire index of resources.

re: Organization for Education Section

user:OneKarma Oct 15, 2011 10:04 pm

i like all of these ideas.

we also need to really consider the correlation to the 'Press' pages, and make sure that each of these are obviously defined and remain consistent.

user:Lulu43 Oct 24 2011 8:36 pm

I don't understand - why copy paste from the Google Doc, thereby creating a branched version? Why not just link to the Google Doc, or embed it on this page? People seem to continue to update directly to the Doc, which predated this wiki by about a month at least. I guess it's fine to have multiple parallel versions as long as people get informed, but does seem a shame to fragment efforts. Then again, this is not the only wiki, either. ;-)