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Please help find/create - Missing Mins Files

user:jmagly Wednesday, 8:42 am

Lets try to fill in the gaps. Currently

we are missing Mins files for the following dates:

Sept 27th - Oct 4th
Oct 6th - 8th
Oct. 11th, 12th and the 14th.

If someone at camp or is going to camp can please try and ask around for files or notes for ANY of these dates it would be greatly appreciated.

Even of they are handwritten notes please post here and I am happy to make arrangements to have the notes transcribed into digital format.

Thank you!

re: Please help find/create - Missing Mins Files

user:anonyta Wednesday, 10:45 am

+1 Thanks for caring about this, Jmagly. I'll try to announce in GA as well. -Anna

re: Please help find/create - Missing Mins Files

user:anonyta Yesterday 11:46 pm

re: Please help find/create - Missing Mins Files

         ]] jmagly

ohh nice, thank you, Ill try and spend some time copying the information into the wiki.

yo where are the minutes??

user:intensely_human Oct 13, 2011 4:47 am

Hey folks, I'm not in camp or I'd immediately start scouring camp for this.

It is October 13 and the last minutes I see is for the October 10 GA.

Anyone in camp reading this *please please please* go find out who took minutes for the past GAs and ensure they get into our official record, which is here on the wiki.


- Luke

re: yo where are the minutes??

user:dmbergey Oct 14, 2011 7:59 am

I took minutes last night, 2011-10-13. I'll post them once they're cleaned up---full of typos right now. I have no idea about anything before that.

re: yo where are the minutes??

user:anonyta Thursday, 10:11 am

hey Bergey, can you tell me how you did the timestamp in your Oct 13th minutes? you were a very good minute-taker. I'm struggling, by comparison. are you planning to do minutes again, ever?


re: yo where are the minutes??

user:jmagly Yesterday 7:53 pm

anonyta, if you are using windows you can take notes using Notepad, which comes with any windows computer by default.

Within notepad if you press F5 the time and date are printed wherever your cursor is at the time.

Page cleanup

user:jmagly Oct 15, 2011 10:03 pm

cleaned things up a bit, if someone can post or email me any versions of mins they have, rough draft or not, even a picture of chalk notes on the sidewalk is fine, ill get them updated.

re: Page cleanup

user:Occupy_Boston Oct 18, 2011 7:35 am

Jmagly, thank you for taking the lead on this. We sorely needed someone.

re: Page cleanup

user:Occupy_Boston Oct 18, 2011 7:35 am

Also, try posting to the Media google group or sending something to the facilitator's e-mail.

re: Page cleanup

user:anonyta Oct 18, 2011 7:38 am

Media doesn't want to be bothered by wikispaces problems, they already have enough on their hands as it is, they were explicit about this last night. but facilitators (me among them) are very grateful for Joe's help! and checking wiki often to see/aid new updates.

re: Page cleanup

user:jmagly Wednesday, 8:54 am

I am mainly sticking to keeping things organized and adding new sections where I feel or hear the conversation going.

I am happy to adjust practices or make new sections on request or based upon consensus agreements arrived to at camp/online. If you feel there needs to be a change please don't hesitate to contact me and let me know what your concerns are and I will be happy to address them.

If anyone in the media group does come up for air long enough to have an opinion on the organization on the wiki I am happy to adjust as necessary after understanding what the key desire is.

re: Page cleanup

user:anonyta Wednesday, 8:57 am

Hey jmagly, Alex I. from Media has been looking around the wikispaces site, he's a good contact. The rest of them still think OB=what the press says about us so they have their eyes glued to Twitter/Fbook (and not to wikispaces and GA and Working Groups). It'd be great if you get on Tech Working Group's radar,, because they have been handling a lot of the internal communications. Mike K has also offered to help with wikispaces. if you can make the Thursday 9pm Transparency Working Group Meeting, with liaisons from all the Working Groups, that would be great. Wiki-training is a major step towards getting internal communications between WG's sorted out. -Anna

re: Page cleanup

user:OneKarma Wednesday, 10:18 am

this is awesome.

is it possible to keep a direct link on the main page to every individual ga, rather than summarizing the older ones into sets? at this point in time we don't have a large inventory, so i feel truncation is not necessary. eventually we will have many, and perhaps we can put them into sets of 30 or 50? perhaps the occupation will provide events by which we can create 'eras.' this way a few details on each ga within the current 'era' can be listed, as well as older sets, which could have a few important points as well. does that make sense?

if you think so, go for it.

also, i removed the embedded vids on the main and put them into their respective places as they were dated. the qr code unfortunately links to a deleted page, so it was deleted.

re: Page cleanup

user:OneKarma Wednesday, 10:21 am

should we move the day of the week to the end of the link so that the month and number appear first?

re: Page cleanup

user:jmagly Wednesday, 1:31 pm

I'm cool with both ideas. I would recommend splitting the difference with the weeklies. In general once you go beyond 3-5 pages people reading the oldest entries drops off significantly while having grouped links encourages more review of older archived.

Mainly because this wiki is viewed both by the public and by regular users/editors. Long pages make it more difficult for the public coming by to see whats going on.

Perhaps something like this

Month Day, Year - GA# @Location Summary Point 1Summary Point 2Summary Point 3......

(One or 2 summary point(s) per major topic including those without resolution)

Week # - Month Day to Month Day, Year - GA# X to Y Weekly Summary Point 1Weekly Summary Point 2Weekly Summary Point 3.....

(One Summary point per day short list of achieved/passed resolutions)

Let me know your thoughts, I'm flexible to what the group needs, just wanted to toss some ideas out there.

re: Page cleanup


Oh yes and summary points may have 2 formats

Short and to the point:

Basic summary point one or 2 lines Expanded summary point

Summary Point Topic>>This is an expanded list of summary point information for resolutions the group would like to call out in detail on the main page. This may be a paragraph or more, may contain multimedia or other relevant links/embedded content. >> >> >>

GA Minute Pages ---> as Google Docs!

user:OneKarma Oct 8, 2011 11:51 am

This is all well and good, but MUST become standard practice. Along with making standard practice, we MUST create a SIMPLE and SHORT tag for these pages. We have FAR TOO MANY pages already and organizing them is a HUGE HASSLE because there appears to be no 'FOLDERS' but rather 'TAGS' with which to organize the navigation.

We need to present a CONCISE wiki for both #Occupiers and those #OnTheFence who come here to see what it's all about! This is part of OUTREACH, so we need to make sure it LOOKS PROFESSIONAL.

I am ALL FOR making MINUTES, but perhaps these could be posted as GOOGLE DOCS so that the wiki has a SINGLE GA Minutes page that links to the detailed docs.

Please reply to this discussion or go to your home page and send a message to me 'onekarma'

Thanks, onekarma


user:OneKarma Oct 8, 2011 5:20 pm

Go to 'Manage Wiki' in the top left. Go to 'Files' under Content section. Upload files. Add links to those files on the appropriate pages.

^^Does this work?

re: GA Minute Pages ---> as Google Docs!

user:Occupy_Boston Oct 8, 2011 6:03 pm

Another option is to embed the existing Google sites/docs page that it seems is being used to post the minutes (at least one version of minutes that is currently up).

The problem with this is that you are dependent on an external source and you can't organize the GA minutes the way you want to. Data redundancy is good. Also they might not be organizing the minutes in the most optimal form.

re: GA Minute Pages ---> as Google Docs!

user:intensely_human Oct 10, 2011 8:17 am

This is a good idea, and one that could be generalized:

Any time there is a process that will be continuously generating new wiki content (in this case, GA minutes that come in every day), special consideration should be put into keeping it from creating a steadily-growing number of wiki peages.


user:intensely_human Oct 7, 2011 5:59 pm

I'm splitting minutes into one page for each GA. That page will have three sections (for now, until we think of more): "passed resolutions" first for easy reference, "full minutes" which are all the minutes from the meeting, and "video" for video of the GA.


- Luke

re: usability

user:Occupy_Boston Oct 7, 2011 9:15 pm

Awesome. Thanks, Intensely_Human.

re: usability

user:OneKarma Oct 8, 2011 11:52 am

please see new discussion in response to individual pages