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Move Occupation Every Week to Symbolic Indoor Location

If the elites know you're moving in a week, they won't kick you out. Generate a list; send it to the locales in question (and take out an ad the Boston Globe)asking for permission to camp in their lobby for a week, at an undetermined time. The day before the move, draw straws to decide where. Any company that refused shelter will be a "no room at the inn" inn.

Besides companies, we might possibly consider very friendly sites like the Arlington Street Church and other 'moral message' supportive locales.

A third class of locations to consider is college campuses -- they have lots of outdoor space, and also possibly indoor space.

List of Places! Demand Non-Profit Compassion (single payer healthcare) START HERE Arlington St. Church Fleet Center City Hall Fenway Park Federal Reserve lobby South Station Harvard Pilgrim Headquarters World Trade Center Is there a Boston Stock Exchange? Colleges with big military programs--MIT. Latest Real Estate Boondogle, Columbia Center, Winn Real Estate

Message vs No Message, pro and con

This is suggestion for a topic for a Speak out. Maybe a pro/con format:

Pro Message:: Demands are futile. Goals and strategies to meet those goals are something that is within our control. The president has been demanding a lot of things lately and gotten nowhere. If we want Bank Reform, we need to stop patronizing the culprits. If we want campaign finance reform, we need to stop voting for candidates who cater to special interests. If we want to stimulate manufacturing in the US, we need to stop buying cheap crap from China. We can't just sit around and stomp our feet until someone else meets our demands. We need to be the change. We need goals and a solid strategy.

Con Message: it will define us and leave people out.

June-teenth Demonstration--Emancipation Day

This is a very big holiday within the African American community. Planning a large demonstration on that day, 6/19 (?), would give folks something to look forward to that is inclusive and takes a lot of planning, like a whole winter of it.

I met two women tonight with a contact who makes large lighting displays; this is kind of thing he'd be into. Gunner from Arts and Culture said that someone has approached her about Spring Commitee?

I disagree with making this a Washington dc demo; poor people won't go. A General Strike has to be every where.

More importantly, June is the end of the Fiscal (budgeting) year for many large co.s . This means in person meetings for board of directors to approve taxes, etc. If only progressive stockholders can get in; we win. Hopefully the movement to elect progressive stockholders is ready for our support.

Move Your Money Day, 11/5

"The Move Your Money Project is a nonprofit campaign encourages individuals and institutions to divest from the largest Wall Street banks and move to local more responsible financial institutions. With Congress unwilling to act we are encouraging individuals to take power into their own hands by voting with their dollars and no longer contribute to a financial system that has lead our country astray. We are a campaign that gives real people concrete actions they can take to create a more sane, stable and localized banking system." From the Move Your Money Project Web Site

On Wednesday 11/2 @ 7pm there is a meeting/public discussion about Move Your Money Day...Please come!!!

Ideas to promote this event and build on it:

Hand out pre made flyers from mymp web site...if everyone who comes to the meeting can bring 20 copies, or if you can't come leave 20 copies in the library tent, we can organize street teams at the meeting

I'd love to get a group of people together to make handmade invitation. Please also see

A didgeridoo aimed at the Federal Reserve that says, "Mooove Yaaa Money".

I am bringing sheets and paint to the meeting so we can make big banners....maybe organize into north, south, west poffs and compete for best banner, best hanging location, etc.

Camp Protectors Pledge

During the resistance to the Contra wars undertaken by Reagan, some people signed a pledge to turnout if there should ever be a credible threat to invade Nicaragua/El Salvador.

It's a great tactic. We could use it to get people to pledge to come out should the camp ever be threatened with removal or when a new camp needs to open up.

Mass Emailing for Actions

Can an email go out to everyone on all lists when ever there's an action? Or a CD? Or maybe a form that lets people decide when they want to hear from us---like when the camp is threatened?

Peace Song Radio Call In

Choose a day, any day, like June-teenth and ask everyone to call requests for peace songs into their favorite radio station.

Tea Party Tax Debate Challenge

Challenge the Tea Party to a debate about taxes at the Tea Party ship...they just opened a new one, an d there might be events to flyer/hang a debate on...we'd need "ringers" from Dollars and Sense, the magazine. And a funny mc, like Jay Leno and a funny right winger, but there are none. Get sponsorship from accountants and tax attorneys and bean counters.

Pen Pal A Stock Broker

Hook Individual occupiers up with Stock Brokers, etc. and ask them to write to each other...and to, eventually, allow their correspondence to be published. Us and open letter to the Wall Street Journal. and a blog.

Get Naked and Roll in the Grass; April 1 demonstration against boring work.

Move the Camp to South Station for the winter

Organize a rally to support the move, on Thanksgiving. "We're going home."

Flyering Challenge for Off Site Supporters

Ask off site supporters to show up to flyer crowds at other events and marches, but also non-political events. Create a contest/acknowledgement system, like getting a button every time you show up and give out a hundred fliers. Use Off Site Supporters Affinity Groups, or Poffs--Pods of Friendly Friends.

POFFS, Affinity Groups of Off Site Supporters or

Pods of Friendly Friends; groups of five people connected to each other by email and to the OB mailing list, who come down to the site occasionally and want to be connected to others who also come down occasionally.

Even better, people connected to each other, in POFFS, with funny names, are more likely to show up to do things like flyering, protecting the camp, etc.

Some people will even want to do it to meet strangers or with friends.

"die in" at health insurance co's council annual meeting

Find out when their big meeting is and have a mock "die in" from denied claims. Feature real people who's claims have been denied. Lead in w/24 hour reading of health insurance horror stories.

24 hour reading of health insurance horror stories

Great lead in to any single payer demo; easy to organize, can be done on site or a sit in at a health insurance co....or in some public space that they've paid for....less dangerous...a little research into many private goliaths underwrite public space these days....maybe the Fleet Center?

Ranked Choice Voting for this Poll

To demonstrate how proporational/horizontal systems work.

In the name of Jesus the Healer, move to St. Paul's Cathedral for the winter

In the name of Jesus the Healer, and the Buddha, demand $5million for non-profit single payer. Leave in the spring, regardless of outcome.

Name OB's Wind Turbine, "Cape Wind"

in support of the struggling project. Have a standout with pinwheels to show support for wind energy.

Affinity Group Alert System, four tiered, Pledge of Resistance

This system was used during the resistance to the Contra wars in Latin America; it was also called the Pledge of Resistance. It's a good way to organize the extended community of visitors who come down to the camp every few days.

Parse the email list by Alert Levels (colors or hand signals). Use a form on the website, or on an email form.

1. Red Alert I pledge to show up/risk arrest if the camp is threatened with eviction and when a new camp opens up.

2. Orange Alert Tell me when there's an action/demonstration, I want to show up/risk arrest.

3. Green Alert I want to be in direct contact with 4 other Friendly Friends to form a POFF, (Pod of Friendly Friends) that is people who visit the camp every once in a while/risk arrest.

4. Yellow Alert Lurkers, just send me OccupyBostonGlove press releases.

Naturally, this system is mostly IT. I would like to work with Carolyn to organize an Affinity Group Festival, asking people to come down and meet up with potential pod-mates, for the Friday or Sunday after Thanksgiving. Again, mostly in IT's court because there would have to be computer bank to sign up at. And we have to move fast. A press release, or maybe even an ad???? would have to go out ASAP.

Tell me what you think.

Message Statement Process Suggestons

1.Don't have the Author's present when the feedback happens. 2. Present the Message Statements* 'blinded" w/o author's names. 3. Give the Author's their feedback virtually.