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The following is from our press release for our recent Women's March if anyone needs this info

Press Release for Dec. 4th March


Sarah Dickerson:

Allison Francis:


@OBWomen on Twitter:!/OBwomen




BOSTON, DEC 4 : The Women's Caucus of Occupy Boston will be joined by local organizations representing women, people of color and other marginalized voices in a spirited march starting and ending at Dewey Square on Sunday, December 4th at 12 p.m. An inclusive celebration of live music and spoken word will follow the march at the Occupy Boston General Assembly stage from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

WHO: *The Women's Caucus (WC) of Occupy Boston

WHAT: *March

WHEN: *Sunday, December 4, March 12-2 pm, Music/Spoken Word 2-4

WHERE:* Starting & ending at Occupy Boston in Dewey Square

WHY: *To support the Occupy Movement and the safety of women within it -

and beyond - and to emphasize how economic injustice disproportionately affects women*

The Occupy Boston Women's Caucus is a forum for participants who identify as women to discuss issues of gender, promote participation of those who identify as women in working groups, discussions, and other leadership roles, maintain the safety of those who identify as women within the camp and movement, and provide resources to improve the retention of participants who identify as women.

*By addressing the issues that women face within the Occupy movement, the Women's Caucus aims to empower the marginalized voices in our broader society.*