Thoughts about Property Destruction as a Tactic

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DRAFT proposal:

While Occupy Boston recognizes that it can not control and does not want to control autonomous action, it rejects intentional property destruction as a protest tactic. Occupy Boston does not want intentional property destruction to be associated with the movement. This is with the exception of property destruction in defense of immediate bodily harm. This is with the exception of a member destroying his or her own property.

The above got tabled. Since then I came across Austin's language:

Occupy Austin stands in solidarity with the nonviolent activists of Occupy Oakland. We believe we are all one in occupation.

While we oppose any acts of vandalism which may have taken place on community property, we are more concerned with the violent response to peaceful protest. We oppose the brutal, unethical methods used by the Oakland Police Department, and condemn all efforts by police or elected officials to spread dissent among the Occupiers and the 99%.

Occupy Austin! Occupy Oakland! Occupy Everywhere!

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