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[Note: This page should be seen as no more than a concept. It is correctly recognized as too 'authoritative', rigidly defined, and grandiose for any kind of implementation, even on a very small scale.]

Proposal: To establish a foundational agreement of Sovereignty and Solidarity for global Entities.

The internet currently connects roughly 1 of every 6 persons. It is the primary vehicle by which we organize social movements. While there are pockets of fully connected/disconnected people, the diversity of voices known and represented expands rapidly. The internet implores in us an awareness of the sum of human knowledge; this is the Social Singularity. We must therefore organize a Global Forum dedicated to building upon that awareness, addressing the implications of a global, socially connected society. This will lead inevitably to the establishment of global working groups due to the naturally induced hierarchy of organized knowledge. This document suggests a possible commencement of that global forum.

Proposal, part 1

It is proposed that there be established a Global Forum.

  • The Global Forum would perform the task of 'Mothering' the global human society as if it were a single cooperative entity. This would include the following Promotions:
    1. the Provision Of Human Needs,
    2. the Equality Of Human Individuals, and
    3. the Exploration Of Human Knowledge.
    4. [>more?]
  • The structure of the Global Forum must continuously recognize and adapt to the evolving global society.

Proposal, part 2

The Structure of the Global Forum shall consist of Tiers of Working Groups.


  • Alpha: contains five global working groups:
    • Zero: Archive - transparently records all actions by working groups
    • One: Awareness - analyzes proposals by working groups
    • Two: Mother - analyzes the sum of society's functions; promotes societal health
    • Three: Foundations - addresses the implications of a globally organized society
    • Four: Counsel - interprets legal regulations
  • Beta, Gamma, Delta, etc: working groups may establish 'internal' tiers

Alpha Tier: Global Working Groups

In addition to the following named responsibilities, all Global Groups must Respond to all Awareness Reports published by Chaos. The requirements of such a Response are yet to be determined.

Zero: Archive

- The streamlined version of one function of the Legislative Branch of US Gov.
All actions by Working Groups are to be Logged in the Archive's three sections:

  • History - similar to the History function of a wiki
  • Current Legal Regulations - to be understood by all Sovereign Entities
    • Establishes Definition of all Legal Language
  • Current Issues - all Reports and Official Report Responses from Global Groups

One: Awareness, aka Chaos

[needs clarification]
- A meld of some Executive (Pres.) and Legislative duties of US Gov.

Chaos shall perform the following Organizational Functions:

  • Proposals and Proposal Analysis Reports:
    • Collect Global Proposals from Global Groups
    • Review Global Proposals - Analyze Clarity, Efficiency, Effects, (etc.?)
    • Produce an Awareness Report: Proposal Analysis Report
  • Global Analysis Responses:
    • Collect from Global Groups
    • Review - Analyze Clarity, Efficiency, Effects, (etc.?)
    • Produce an Awareness Report: Updated Proposal Analysis Report
  • Perform other duties determined by Zeus or Gaia

Two: Mother, aka Gaia

- A meld of some Executive (Pres.) and Legislative duties of US Gov.
Gaia shall perform the following Organizational Functions:

  • Determine the implications of Awareness Reports
    • Determine Tasks necessitated by Awareness Reports
    • Delegate Tasks to appropriate Working Groups for Implementation (Note: the Creation/Institution of a Working Group is considered a Task)
  • Monitors the Health of the Global Community
    • Perform continuous research regarding the Efficiency of all Functions in the Global Community
    • Submit Proposals to Alter the Current Legal Regulations of the Global Community in order to maximize the Efficiency of Functions
  • Perform other duties determined by Zeus or Chaos

Three: Foundation, aka Muses

- Not a Current Function of US Gov (questionable). Probably would be executed by the Executive (Pres.) or the Legislative Branch of US Gov.

  • Determine the Philosophical Requirements of Global Governance to establish a Foundation of Policy
    • Submit 'Legal Regulations' Proposals

Four: Counsel, aka Zeus

- Essentially equal to the Judicial Branch of US Gov, but does not solely determine the consequences nor supply the means of correction.
Zeus shall determine the status of charges of encroachment upon individuals and groups.

  • Hold counsel interpreting Charges regarding Legal Regulations
    • Determine the Depth/Gravity of encroachment by Offender
    • Suggest Actions in the aims of correction of encroachment
  • Perform other duties determined by Chaos or Gaia
  • Police, et al.(?) [needs clarification]

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