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My Name

Randy is short for Randolph which means shield wolf or protector. I asked my mom if I was named for Dr. A Philip Randolph chairman of the Congress of Racial Equality. She was not amused. I was named for Dr. Philip Grimes Randolph who was Undersecretary of War to Andrew Jackson. Mom said that Dr. A Philip's relatives were probably "owned" by mine1.

Fenstermacher is Pennsylvania Dutch2 for window maker. My grandfather did own a hardware store, but I do not handle red hot glass. I do make windows between universes of thought, feeling, and belief.

1Mom said the slaves were happy - so many of them stayed on as servants with the families that had owned them. I have ask, 'What choice did they have?'
2The German word for German is Deutsch. The Deutsch who settled in Pennsylvania anglicized it to Dutch

My Occupy

My Working Groups

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