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This is the user page space for the ideas working group. Here might be the place to collect ideas and draft documents, stuff that people in the working group might want to be able to see but might not be ready to show to the world on the public Ideas Working group page. This User:WG-ideas can have subpages. Here's how: creating a user: subpage. Consider 'signing' your contributions by adding ~~~~ at the end. That lets us email each other since when you click on the user link and go to that page there is a 'eamil this user' link in the bottom left side menu.

/wiki tagging

Ideas for tagging pages and aggregating ideas on the wiki.

Help improve the current WG mission statement.

Here are the comments from the WG meeting on Sunday 10/30.

curatorial role collecting and reflecting the ideas of occupy boston asking the big questions that hang over the movement one goal is to facilitate conversations that will give rise to new proposals, working groups, and autonomous actions provide and venue and context for idea-smashing trying to carry the values of the movement - transparency and inclusion - into the drafting of our positions and demands embracing consensus process providing structure for debate melting pot for ideas collective writing processes