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InterOccupy Communications Meeting Notes - Fri Dec 23 2011

[These are notes, not verbatim. If anyone who was in attendance has something significant they want added, please let me know and I do so, by replying. Thank you. Deborah Sirotkin Butler - note taker on 12/23/11)

Occupy Boston InterOccupy Communications Working Group December 23, 2011 Encuentro 5, Boston

Facilitated by Sarah Barney; approximately twenty in attendance. No announcements. The following Mission Statement was accepted by unanimous consensus after discussion, as follows:


I. To collect and maintain contact information for individuals and working groups from other occupations -- both local, national, and international.

II. To connect individuals and working groups from other occupations with individuals and working groups from Occupy Boston.

III. To forge -- as individuals -- personal relationships with individuals from other occupations.

IV. To collect useful information from other occupations -- e.g. what their processes are, what their needs and resources are, what's working/not working, next steps, etc.

V. To share resolutions that have been ratified by the Occupy Boston General Assembly with other occupations.

This statement was discussed one bullet point at a time. Those in attendance made various suggested changes to the original proposal made by Farhad, and consensus was reached on the wording of each bullet point before working on the next bullet point. Farhad stated that the role of the InterOccupy Working Group (IWG) is not to broadcast but, for example, to assist working groups from different occupies to connect and share information. For example, of a Winterization Working Group from, say, Ottawa were to contact IWG, IWG would give Ottawa's Winterization Group contact information for Occupy Boston's Winterization Working Group. Contact between OB DA and other DAs was another example - how to contact OB DA would be provided, but no involvement in the actual contact or exchange of information.

Terra suggested that the collected information as to contacts and skill sets from Occupy Boston (OB) and other Occupations be collected and available as a matrix or other document. Farhad stated that proposals passed by the OB GA are also made available to other Occupies on request. There is a single email address for inquiries, and a working IWG listserv. Farhad brought up having a third email address or other means of archiving ethreads with useful information, for future use or data mining for such a matrix or document or wiki.

It was proposed that the Mission Statement to posted on the IWG listserv for current members, and part of the Welcome Statement for all new members going forward. After a Temp Check, this process was adopted by consensus.

Bobby reported that he was working with 60 Massachusetts Occupies. John coordinates information and assists the Massachusetts Occupies with facebook set up and information sharing. Email received from Anna regarding a Massachusetts Regional GA on January 7 & work being done by Occupemos El Barrio on a Metro Boston Occupies GA. An interactive InterOccupy website with contact information for Massachusetts Occupies is being designed. John is the contact person on this project and is coordinating with the regional occupies, including Occupy Greater Boston.

Creating a document to assist was discussed, as were privacy concerns, printability, resource v. roster. The individuals involved will be asked "do you want your contact information online" or just to be a resource that can be given out by IWG gatekeeper, currently Farhad. Deborah brought up the concern about redundancy, what if Farhad is not available for some reason, importance of avoiding potential bottlenecks.

Other than privacy issues, IWG wants to be as transparent as possible, and is not "extremely security conscious." Everyone understands that information on the internet cannot be kept totally secure. Farhad plans to work on the current spreadsheet by removing blank space, adding contact information, and distributing it to the IWG subject to privacy concerns by individuals. Visitor from IWG of Santa Rosa California introduced himself.

Matthew will continue his work interviewing visitors from other Occupies, using a journalistic-style process he has developed. Discussion of having an IWG announcement and visual presence at each GA or public event so people from other Occupies have a contact point that is easy to connect/find. Develop an info packet for inquiries/visitors from other Occupies who are looking to connect. Discussion of accountability at different Occupy events, who is willing to be accountable to do a run down. Are there folks who are willing to go to other occupies and events and be accountable/report back. Randy will be visiting JP and Rhode Island Occupies. Stewart plans to go to OWS, Newark, and Philly. Occupy Newton folks will be visiting Occupy Pittsfield. Sarah is regularly in Philly, DC, NYC and Toronto every couple of months.

Discussion of having a calendar of regional or state GAs, maybe reading this as an announcement at the end of OB GA for the events that do not require special travel.

Email information about interoccupation events to interoccupyboston@gmail.com

To request addition to the IWG listserv email interoccupy@lists.occupyboston.org

Terra volunteered as the Citizens United project point person for any Occupies that are looking to work on the coming actions regarding Citizens United; any inquiries as to this to be funneled to Terra

Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM - next meeting next Friday 12/30 at 7:00 PM at E5.

Note taker: Deb Sirotkin Butler (Amberpaw at gmail dot com)