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InterOccupy Communications Meeting Notes - Fri Dec 30 2011

Encuentro5 (Notes taken by Deb)

Attending: (please add people I missed; wasn’t sure of names of some folks who came in after introductions) Brett, Ben, Dan, Susie, Eileen, Randy, Sarah, Bobby (who also facilitated), Matt, Wayne

Discussion of upcoming events, especially Occupy the Primary in New Hampshire; that our role is helping them connect with Occupy Boston working groups. 1/6/12-1/10/12

A MassOccupy Working Group is scheduled for 1/7/12; members of InterOccupy Working group encouraged to attend. 3:00 PM at E5; Sarah Barney plans to attend and report back as to events to calendar.

Major event at Occupy Albany the same date as Occupy the Primary in New Hampshire.

Also a major event at Occupy DEC at 9:00-noon on 1/10/12.

Sarah Barney, Farhad and Matthew listed in terms of FAWG applications for interOccupy related travel.

Further discussion of Occupy the Primary in NH; Matthew Shochat will be there all four days. Susie suggested that we should have an Occupy Boston Hub, maybe a tent though it cannot be slept in it can, her understanding is, be up. John will be there. Mallory and Tiny Tents, Noah & the projector. Wiki page set up for rides (link ?)

Occupy N asked for help. Sarah Barney took point person role as to getting "the ask" out to OB working groups.

Sarah Barney will be in DC all week and knows the action team, and will get the full breakdown. She will also assist Matt with connections to the media team.

Bobbie will e-mail Sarah the Phillie national list of contacts.

Deb brought up the scheduling of both G8 and NATO at the same time in Chicago in May as an item to watch, that Rahm Emmanuel seems to be really nervous and already ramping up penalties and fines.

Deb to check prices of renting a bus from Boston to Manchester, including having it remain in Manchester.

Noted that Occupy Hyannis is setting up camp at Calvary Baptist on 25 Lincoln street in Hyannis on 1/27/12.

Adjourned about 9:00 PM.

National Events:

1/6/12: Occupy the Primary Begins! (NH) 1/10/12: Occupy DEC (Albany) 1/17/12: Occupy Congress (DC) 5/1/12: World Wide Call for Strike (New Orleans) 5/19/12-5/20/12: G8/NATO (Chicago) 8/27/12-8/31/12: RNC (Tampa) 9/3/12-9/6/12: DNC (Charlotte)

Regional Events:

Occupy Newton GA: Monday 5-6pm at Newton Center (accessible by the D green line!) Saturdays 10-11am at Newtonville

Occupy Hyannis: 1/27/12: Setting up camp at 25 Lincoln Rd. 9am

Occupy Quincy GA: 1/6/12: 6:30-8:30 President's Place Food

Occupy Natick: 1/8/12 14 East Central St. Morse Library Occupy the Burbs Meeting

Occupy Eastham: Saturdays 12-2 Windmill Green Sign Holding