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Eli, Bob, Tony, Dan, Farhad, John, Rachel, Josh, David, Ariel, Deb Butler, Amber Paw

Deb Butler is our spoke

Agenda review
Report backs
WG email account
Media Volunteers
Logging media?
Relationship w/ e5
Formalizing process for agenda/note taking
Red banner website
March 19 interoccupy media call
April 4th
Forbes response strategy

Upcoming Events: 
March 9 (medford city hall), March 14 (occupy MBTA), March 15 bank action, People's breakfast, St Patty's peace march, Occupy Harvard's thing, April 1st event at Dewey, April 4th day of action mbta, 2 wks of CGs, 15th say no to three strikes, radical organizing conference

National day of action on Public Transportation on April 4th

Report backs:
- Deb did start convo on fbook auto-post
- Livestream training session got blasted on blog
- OBIT-media meeting still needs to happen, Farhad to grab someone after mtng
- David to talk to Jess this week
- Deb was on interoccupy call, took notes
- Press credential conversations happened on email
- Sustainable economy WG sponsored a piece of legislation, got conflated with OB. We're going to bring a draft of the proposal next week. Ariel doesn't think it should be a proposal.
- Wepay button taken care of
- Farhad messed up, had no spoke at last spokescouncil
- Citizens United resolution passed, didn't cover
- Livestream training, got blogged and tweeted
- Where's the Occupy movement going in MA? (was unnasigned)
- Occupy to Organizing, went up on blog this morning
- March 14, Gunner and Josh point on it, working on it this wk, also took point on April 4
- St Patricks Day peace parade, Gunner has received details, going to write PR

We talked for 45 minutes about the media process. Read note about it here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KWClyUj4vXsQeVYjAbH3I7uzHCprwifeiiNgulrygFw/edit

John made phone-calls to volunteers
4 new writer prospects, (two present), a third is on an assignment, the fourth is a student with limited time (being asked to cover health justice)
Emails: out of 120, got 3-4 responses back, 2 went to obit, 1 went to livestream
Started making phone calls, made 5, 2 were bad, 3 were enthusiastic, 1 is the monday person, 1 was busy, 1 was interseted in helping with media research
Get people involved right away! 
Get people writing assignments right away
Line-up someone who is one of our long standing copy editors 
Maybe grab some coffee with folks, set them up with a buddy
All you need to do is look down the calendar and their are writing assignments
Upcoming list of events
Cheeno and Farhad working on spreadsheet log of events
Coffee "dates" with interested volunteers -- some concerns about safety, creepiness, going to continue that conversation with a more diverse group next week
John saying that he's going to get swamped soon at work, so he's going gun ho right now
Two copy editors for new writers

Relationship with e5
Media has been pretty good scheduled meetings (thanks Deb!)
Other WGs, want to make sure to stress that they should be reserving the space through the e5 calendar 
If not paying rent, $1/person/hr donation reccomended
Cheeno just spoke with Sarah: media and radio are the only two WGs with space reserved
Sarah said its problematic, but not THAT big a deal in response to Kendra's email
But we should be proactive, and we should be donating if we cancleaning week
we need to be aware of the rotating cleaning assignment and also ask other working groups that are meeting here that should be helping with cleaning
make sure are cleaning week is on the occupy boston calendar and ask Deb S. B. to check on 

Red Banner
One person volunteers a week
15 people have access right now
Can OBIT setup some sort of scheduling system?
Might not be worth it if we're changing the front page
Limited bandwith? Proposal to take it down got down votes
John M being promoted to admin, volunteered to make it his thing this week
Eli to send OBIT 

Medford Event
Jeff got a mtng with Human Rights Commission for OB
Quartely meeting in Medford, looking for OB panelists, 930am on this Friday morning
Rachel doing it, willing to write something about it

March 14
1230 pm
MBTA board meeting
Mass Transportation Building, City Place
Street theatre
Mass senior action
Need livestream

March 15
three strikes thing
ben going to photos and cover the event
david ludlow doing press stuff and video

M17 Actions
M17 is still trying to figure out if they want to do an M17
The tour thing is happening
No specifics at the moment
FAB is having an action that they're working on

M17 organizing conference
Get a new writer to work on it
Getting a pre blog post
Repurpose CLVU press release?
Josh going to do it! 

M18 People's Breakfast

St. Patrick's Day Peace March
Gunner doing pre stuff
Deb is going to do a photo essay
John M looking for a new writer

March 23
Blog post, mass text, calendar listing
Photography would be nice to have
Josh going to look at the Harvard thing for blog

CG for health justice on Monday
John M contacted monday writer to see if she'll do it
Farhad to email WG to see if someone from the group will write a blog post about it

Moving calendar and mass text opportunities from mass form, and linking to those separate forms

Strategy conversation happening Saturday at media mtng
CG was small
Wepay button is done
Deb not amberpay Butler still working on media logging

will put on wiki

No one available to go to Spokes

Interoccupy Calls:

  • Occupy.com
  • looking for new content
  • Occupy Spots
  • effort to get people to submit 30 second spots
  • doing fundraising
  • actual commericial 
  • david or liam, should put it on agenda
  • word of mouth
Server going to be down for maintence between 10-midnight on Friday (website not going to go down, but AVOID POSTING)

Josh and Bob going to co-facilitate next week