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Here are the 1. Next media working group meeting date and new process for media to cover OB events, working groups, issues 2. Notes from the Media Working Group Meeting from 12/14/11 3. The Agenda for the meeting (12/14/11)

1. Next Media Working Group Meeting - Weds. 12/21/2011 7 pm - 9 pm E5 (33 Harrison Ave 5th floor) Media Working Group Meetings are every Weds at 7 pm Please send agenda items by 3p that Weds; to the list for now

For all working groups - if you want Media to cover something - there will be a new process - coming as soon as we have a new email address For now - post agenda items by 3p each Weds - anything received after the deadline will be assigned the following Weds.

Please send agenda items or items you would like to see media cover such as: - Blog post for your event (to be posted on website) - Press Release to be sent to the media - Article to written on a hot topic of concern to Occupy Boston - Video/Photo/Livestreaming of event (besides GA)

OccupyBoston Media Meeting 12/14/2011 - [ ] Meeting Start 7:05 18 participants

- [ ] Captured Audio - 12/14/11 7:13:37 PM

- [ ] Agenda Overview (how it was generated) - Gunner - [ ] past meetings meetings (been a while since a formal meeting, no notes available for informal meeting) - [ ] Media Equipment Discussion

   - [ ] How many laptops are left? 1 IRC Computer @ Noah's (possibly)
   - [ ] 3 Clear spots #2(not working properly), #3, #4 [#1, is missing]
   - [ ] 2 boxes of cablesCaptured Audio - 12/14/11 7:21:10 PM
   - [ ] Lockbox @ Robbie's - MatthewK to get and bring back to
   - [ ] 1 iPod -
   - [ ] Chargers for battery packs in lock box

- [ ] Livestream will be owned by Eli - [ ] Website Notes

   - [ ] Website Copy Maintenance - Gabriel(f) 
       - [ ] Calendar issues to be addressed (mobile devices not working, colors off)
       - [ ] Twitter buttons need to be updated with OccupyBoston Working Groups
   - [ ] Consolidating all the art and media assets - Brandon and Gregg - Gabriel to run point
   - [ ] Captured Audio - 12/14/11 7:31:30 PM

- [ ] E-List Discussions

   - [ ] Captured Audio - 12/14/11 7:39:41 PM
   - [ ] Discussion around cutting the media team list to "members only".
   - [ ] There is a more focused media list already media strategy
       - [ ] Concern about use-creep, and eventual usability of list; there are rules for the list, and there is active moderating.  Additionally, this group has nothing to do with Terra's media strategy conference.
   - [ ] 6 email lists are currently active, one is OUT OF CONTROL
       - [ ] try to mute discussion on general media list by requiring membership to post
       - [ ] disseminate a better helpdoc which defines how to use each of the active media lists
       - [ ] Matt is working on putting together a comprehensive list of all the list serves at OB, will put it on the Wiki
       - [ ] Farhad proposes the following
           - [ ] Close the media list to postings from members only
           - [ ] If a non-member posts, they get a bounce which invites them to use the list IF the content is appropriate
           - [ ] The hope, is people will act rationally and only use lists as they are intended
           - [ ] If they don't, moderators will be able to remove people from list
       - [ ] Gabriel would like to have an obvious list for brainstorming in media
       - [ ] Ryan would like to have a Forum put in place to replace media lists
       - [ ] Phil would like us to focus on one or two lists.
       - [ ] Matthewk likes the use of the media list, but move "business" of media to alternate lists.
       - [ ] MattW - will be looking into possible forums and drupal integration, but it's a medium term solution
       - [ ] obmedia-external is it being used - not really
       - [ ] Rachel would like to ensure that there is a list which allows for more general "strategy" type stuff which may not even be media related, but could intersect with other WG's
       - [ ] Proposal to make media-strategy the "business" list for the media team.
   - [ ] OBMedia-Strategy will become the day-to-day business list of media
   - [ ] obmedia will be "cowboy" and lot's of traffic
   - [ ]
   - [ ] obmedia-external is to be joined with obmedia-social is for Press release and stuff and social media
   - [ ] live is for live stream

- [ ] Copyedit Assignments

   - [ ] Letters to the Editor Campaign needs to be coordinated - Julie & Matthew to take this on
       - [ ] Captured Audio - 12/14/11 8:24:13 PM
       - [ ] post letters to OB website
       - [ ] determine whom to send letters to
       - [ ] solicit folks to do it
   - [ ] Website Assignments
       - [ ] Captured Audio - 12/14/11 8:30:10 PM
       - [ ] OB Greenway Fund - Press Release Julie is running point with Matthew & Acasia & Phil & Dan
       - [ ] Creative Actions
           - [ ] CityLife PR is in draft from Dan and Katie (actions through weekend)
           - [ ] Dewey Square Ad-Hoc Chorus - blog post to publicize Friday's action
           - [ ] poster action - ongoing talk next week
           - [ ] Tiny Tents - blowing up list serve next week discussion
       - [ ] Response about RAIDS and arrests
           - [ ] Arrests & Charges - blog posting or backgrounder.  no mention of charges; simple profiles.  Cover Sink and wood also. - Farhad
           - [ ] Bill of Rights Protest Thursday at noon - Catherine
           - [ ] Ironic "pro-corporate" march noon on d17 and tea party march - Phil & Steve to copyedit.  Liam to do video package
           - [ ] Media liaison with DA will be Phil and Matthew and Farhad
       - [ ] OB doing Boston Homeless Census
       - [ ] Response to current events (NDAA, economic, D17, etc)
           - [ ] Protestors are people of the year response - Matthew
           - [ ] Blog Posting on NDAA - Matthewk
   - [ ] Press Release System being discussed
       - [ ] Gunner is the owner of the Press distro list.  Nancy will also help with a press mailing list, Steven & Josh E. cover for Gunner when needed

- [ ] Ad Buy Discussion - 10 minute max

   - [ ] Ad Buy is Happening, regardless of what we say.  discussion now is to attach OB's name to it or not.
   - [ ] Op-Ed should be written
   - [ ] we shouldn't put this out from OB..  it's from "friends of OB"
   - [ ] OB Advisors to keep message honest - Steve, Phil and Ariel, Will

- [ ] Meeting ends @ 9:25p

3. OB Media Working Group Meeting – 12/14/2011

Agenda suggestions: (as culled from discussions on this list) -Report back from past media working group meetings - Discuss about needed written pieces for website and press releases for this week

  - Possible Media pieces to be written in no particular order:

· Greenway costs and OB's greenway fund

· Creative Actions including poster and tiny tents, You Cant Evict a Song., The Dewey Square Ad Hock Choir continues performing at Dewey SquareBring in the Holiday Cheer with them Fridays 12-1 pm

· Response about raid, arrests and charges

· Upcoming Actions & GA schedule and location (moving to Emmanuel Church 12/15?)

· OB participating in Boston Homeless Census

· Response pieces to media articles on Occupy Boston, NDAA, economic reports, etc., Time person of the year as the “Protester”

· Can the upcoming legislation about indefinite detention of Americans be added to the agenda? I believe this is specifically geared towards OWS protests and little has been said or discussed about it in the OB Media. It is very important and the word needs to get out as it applies to all of us. It will be passed soon and there are petitions etc that should be signed. Behind Closed Doors: Congress Trying to Force Indefinite Detention Bill on Americans » Blog of Rights: Official Blog of the American Civil Liberties Union

- Website clean-up and retooling: - see note 1 - Video, audio pieces to propose - maybe based on some the pieces above

- Media E-List Volume – see note 2 - Getting Letters to the Editors written - Media equipment - where did it go after the raid –see note 3

- AD buy discussion – see note 3

From E-List - Notes:

1. Website Note: Specifically interested in consolidating the scattered arts /graphic design stuff we have and putting it in a place where users can find it and print it. Also there are still a lot of references to coming down to Dewey that need to be taken down. I'm willing to comb through and make a list, but can't change the site.

2. Media List


Current catchall for all thoughts, rants, and some productive conversations, which has exploded beyond normal high volume in last week

(1) ob-media-external@lists.occupyboston.org This is the mailing list for the External Media and Press bubble. If you want to talk about press releases, contact lists, media training, external press interest or opportunities, PLEASE USE THIS LIST.

(2) ob-media-social@lists.occupyboston.org - NOTE NOW COMBINED WITH EXTERNAL - THIS HAS BEEN DELETED This is the mailing list for the Social Media/Website Coordination bubble.

(3) ob-media-multi@lists.occupyboston.org This is the mailing list for the Multimedia Production and Sourcing bubble. If you want to talk about photo, (non-livestream) video, or television, PLEASE USE THIS LIST.

(4) live@lists.occupyboston.org mailing list for the Live Production bubble. If you want to talk about livestream video, PLEASE USE THIS LIST.

3. Equipment:

- First of all, we need to identify which laptops we have left (if any). Can someone call Alex Ingram and report back? None of the 3 IBM's in the media/library were Lenovo's. They were all IBM T40/41's. They were all the usual black matte finish. I have MAC addresses for 2 of the 3 stolen.

Do we have any laptops at E5 (NO answered by Liam I can say with 99% certainty that the black Lenovo was one of the last laptops stolen. There are none @ E5.) or at Ravis?

- Email drafted by Eli about the laptop return requests – basically saying

The media group is trying to locate your laptop. I'm hoping for the best, but I just needed to let you know that there is a good chance we won't be able to recover your laptop. We sincerely appreciate your donation to the movement and regret having to send this email at all. (see email for full note)

4. AD BUY –

· Some folks are concerned about the corporate media buy - some folks are not concerned and say that we need to participate in this structure until we change it.

· Some folks say we should avail ourselves of other modalities and that newspapers are so old school, some say many in the 99% still read the papers, and it is an effective way need to reach them, especially in communities, which may not have such ready access to the internet.

· Some folks feel that our process lacks transparency; others trust Media to craft a strong message.

· Some folks say that this money should not be spent in this manner, and (in this case) I say that some folks donate blankets and sleeping bags, some donate food, some donate $ to the General Fund, and some donate $ to advertising

What do we suggest?

· One approach is to push ahead and do the ad, and have it be submitted by "Supporters of Occupy Boston." A couple of OBers suggested that approach.

· Another approach is to broaden our circle and invite/include some people from a couple of other WGs, maybe decolonization (both indigenous people and people of color) and anti-oppression to ensure our message represents, as best as we can in a short period of time, the breadth of Occupy Boston. Maybe we host a several hour meeting, on Monday, to discuss the above issues and agree on message, and create the ad.

Next Media Working Group Meeting 12/21/2011 7 pm - 9 pm E5 (33 Harrison Ave 5th floor)