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Agenda - OB Media Working Group 1/4/2012

Need Facilitator

Need Note Taker

a. Press Release/Blog Posts


1. Occupy the Primary Press Release/Blog Post – needs to be done asap

2. Blog post & Press release for the following Community Gatherings

1/09/12 Direct Action

1/16/12 Media - see b.

1/23/12 Outreach

1/30/12 Creative Arts and Subversive Actions

2/06/12 Women's Caucus Feminism 101 (tentatively)

2/13/12 Anti-Oppression

2/20/12 Sustainable Economy

2/27/12 Indigenous Solidarity

3. Ke - Chelsea Housing Authority

In process: 1. Ste - Global Revolution TV Has Been Evicted From Their Brooklyn Production Space Members of the Global Revolution team were arrested today

2. Citizens United Event Results – Ma, Te, La

Draft posted on list – needs photos, editing, and video?

3. BLOG POST: It's a Pillow Fight, Occupy Boston! – Ma draft on list

b. Jan 16th Community Gathering – Media time slot request for change of Date

B K. - I checked in with Jorge from facilitation last night and he said that the Media team had reserved the Community Gathering space on Monday Jan 16th. As this is MLK day, I was wondering if we could make it into an MLK Day teach-in of some kind. Did the media team have a plan in place already for how to use this time? I would love to bring it there, but I can't make the meeting tonight due to another commitment.

c. Process for being a resource to OB

How do other working groups contact us for media coverage needed on upcoming events and activities?

d. Occupier and Media Team Relationship

Ju - I'm planning to come to the Media meeting tomorrow. If possible, I'd like to discuss Media/Occupier relations (I think Matthew might have already suggested this?). Specifically -- a quick discussion about blog-posting Occupier article digests & links + brainstorm briefly about potential collaborations. (For instance, we're interested in being somehow involved with the Jan 16th Community Gathering you're hosting....)

e. Blog/Website

Issues –

1. Gu - Posts being edited or taken down without alerting original poster – this has happened 2x to me

2. Gu - Number of administrators, editors, and authors – see spreadsheet (63!) - Request that those who are no longer active in Occupy Boston be removed as administrators, editors, and authors

3. Ga- I'd like to add to the agenda for tonight's meeting a request to get editing access to the wordpress site. A few meetings ago I said I'd work on website cleanup (removing Dewey Square references, etc) with Matt from IT. I compiled a list of changes-to-be made, but Matt has too many other urgent demands on his time for that to ever rise to the top of the priority pile. I'd like to see it through, so if I could get authorization to make text edits, I could do it.

4. Media Round up Formatting: John M. My plan for tonight is to do the roundup as per usual with tinyurl - not to be confrontational - but I don't feel resolved about doing this a different way yet. If you'd like, you can put it on the agenda for tomorrow night. Maybe if someone in the media WG is a Wordpress guru who could help me to get the blog to accept typed href code, I'd be amenable to transitioning the roundup to a hotlink version that would show the source when you hover the mouse over the link.

f. YouTube

John Mur - All the Youtube videos we are posting that are related to Occupy Boston can we start putting them under the Occupy Boston Youtube channel, instead of personal channels? - I know it depends on the person willing to do so but we need to start building up our Youtube so people can start subscribing to it.

g. Media Budget

David We need to decide how to spend this month's money donation.

h. Facebook

- rules and linking from blog

i. Calendar

Fa: Clarification: That's not just who has calendar access, that's who can *add* new people to the calendar. There's a whole score of people who've already been added. Clearly this group needs to be (a) organized and (b) more visible. I'm on it.

j. Mission Statement

Fa – draft The mission of the Occupy Boston Media Working Group is to:

(I) BLOG AND SOCIAL MEDIA (A) Maintain the OccupyBoston.org blog as well as the official Occupy Boston accounts of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. (B) Create and curate content for the above channels that raises awareness about the activities and issues of the Occupy Boston community as well as the larger economic justice movement. (C) Facilitate the use of the above channels by other Occupy Boston working groups. (D) Facilitate such documentation of relevant issues by other members of the Occupy Boston community (E) Provide a central clearing house of relevant mainstream media coverage the Occupy Movement and in particular Occupy Boston (II) PHOTO, VIDEO, AND LIVESTREAM (A) To visually document events and actions within the Occupy Boston community. (B) Facilitate such documentation by other members of the Occupy Boston community. (C) Provide a central clearing house for visual media relevant to the Occupy Boston community. (III) PRESS (A) Serve as the default liaison between Occupy Boston and the external press. (B) Issue official press releases on the behalf of the Occupy Boston community. (C) Facilitate the production of official press releases by other Occupy Boston working groups. (D) Provide media trainings to members of the Occupy Boston community to prepare them for interactions with the external press. (IV) MISCELLANEOUS (A) Facilitate the maintenance of the Occupy Boston calendar by other Occupy Boston working groups.

k. Update on Occupy the Issues – current projects update

Wikki Leaks – WR

New Guy – Mi - So my first article is going to be about America's corporate funding and instigation of the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

l. Reminder: New Flckr account created Occupy Boston Media Photo Sharing http://www.flickr.com/groups/occupybostonphoto/ Can we get this linked on front page instead of the open media flckr – upload and/or join

NEW Media twitter account - http://twitter.com/OccupyBOSMedia

m. other items

- Adding another media wg meeting each week?