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DRAFT AGENDA Media WG Agenda for 1/11/12/note note taker needed

(Order does not denote importance/too short of time for a redraft today-Deb)

1. Process Discussions/creating structure for other working groups to submit info for needed PR or blog posts/creating a structure for writing & copy editing & posting/amplifying other media work w/in OB like TV & radio

2. Update about Occupy the issues/sep page on website for full detailed articles w/link teaser on front page

3. Blog posts needed? List from group

4. Promotion for 1/14/12 Antiforeclosure canvassing in Everett w/CLVU meeting at 10 AM - 2 PM Dunking Donuts 524 Broadway, get rest of info and/or links (see info on Gunner’s sheet but more needed IMHO) Someone to take point and communicate w katie@occupyboston.org and davidlamoso16@gmail.com

5. Sat 1/14/12 Visioning Workshop - someone to take point and wrk with Cathy Hoffman catherinebhoffman@gmail.com as to publicity/media support

6. Someone to take point and give media support on Occupy the Hood 3 Strikes campaign

7. Draft guidelines for blog posts/John M needs more time

8. Media support for the 1/16/12 MLK Community event to coordinate w/Brian K

9. SBSB Push Poll - should there be a media response

10. Media’s contribution/mistakes in dealing with internal dissention/proposals/ Alex P.s draft statement as to process to address this.

11. Farhad’s draft mission statement for the Media WG

Minutes 7:10 pm - 9:00 pm Media team mtg Weds 1/11/2012 Julie, Kat, David, Josh G., Farhad, Gunner, Michael, Patrick, Liam, Deb

Mission statement Discussion - mission statement provided last week by Farhad Added new Journalism - section Farhad will wordsmith and language about producing major media campaigns to influence mainstream media

Process discussion on how to other working groups submit media needs idea - web form where would it go - go to the external list having a web form keep the form simple fields - potential action item - Farhad tech side of the web form press release - gunner format blog post calendar items

Structure for writing, copy editing, posting - current loose system - bouncing around the list - in theory getting buy in from the list is nice idea - but if it not happening we should have system

NEW System: - Rule of 2 – 1 writer, 1 copy editor - for blog posting for events - Rule of 3 for hotter items - bigger issues/press release items include a final check - 1 writer, 1 copy editor, 1 other media person/copy editor/and/ororiginator of request

Amplify-other OB media work - OB radio and OB TV don't need regular vetting process posted to all our regular places - cross promotion - Have all the other media cross promoting with OB media - OB radio - fill with schedule with button and OB radio will send it to us directly any special guests etc... - OB TV update them on this process

Discussion About draft internal memo – regarding last Sunday’s GA and post situation Assumptions made by others that media was in control of the entire blog and FB, but media was not in control of the passed proposal being posted by a non-media person whose partner was the proposer of the proposal that passed

Opportunity for us to learn – having so many non-media people admin on blog, FB, twitter, calendar is response to backlash for having too much control when we were in the early days of Dewey, so we have handed it over to others now we have way to many non-media people having control, we should take a look at reeling in amount of people who have access, 1) because of the way of it was handled, 2) so we can put some processes in place for consistency

Concerns raised: • Can we audit how many people have access to blog and facebook • It is too easy for people to autonomously but on the blog

Draft memo critique: It makes it look media is apologizing for the whole situation - but the pains we were going through

It diminishes the media working group

We will not support the statement - Farhad will take point on drafting statement about we did not post that - it was not media - in control of the situation - it was a non-media person


We should take action on gaining back control of the blog and who is posting - we need to come up with a system to make this happen

Continue the discussion about the blog posting access

Women's Caucus - is going to go to mainstream media

Another item - tomorrow night at GA - french newspaper and german papers coming to GA - Liam will email the external list and guide people to orgs - focus people who went to NH,

Blog posts need to be written this week: City Live - Josh will write and Julie will copy edit Visioning - Julie will write and Deb 3 Strikes - Ravi and Gunner copy MLK - Gunner and Josh

Other Items up Push poll - SBSB - did Mass Business Assoc - if Occupy costs businesses money -

Next Weeks Items: Twitter – creating guidelines Main Twitter - Occupy_Boston account needs wrangling - due to postings that not in line with Occupy Boston Next week we will discuss OccupyBOSMedia and guidelines Draft guidelines for blog post - John M - roll over for next meeting

Sunday - Social Media Team Meeting - meeting Deb will reserve room – confirmed 2pm at E5 OB Media Team (Social Media Bubble) regular weekly meetings When Weekly from 2pm to 4pm on Sunday