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Assuming the camp is shutdown suddenly, we will likely see an increased interest in our online presence. Therefore, to prepare we need to do a few things, detailed below.

Main Website

Prepare a post on the main site that can be published when the problem occurs. It should at a minimum contain the following information taken from GA_Minutes_Tues_Nov_22,_2011:

I suggest text like this: "On the next day we will meet at 8:15am at the Brook New Martin Courthouse (I can't figure out what is meant by this) to show solidarity with those arrested during their arraignment. That evening we will have a GA at 7pm at the Boston Common bandstand."

We should also link to all of the relevant social media (twitter, Facebook) and live streaming media (livestream, qik, ustream) that we can uncover.

The statement should include the NLG hotline number as well as set expectations appropriately about what those arrested should expect for support.

We should load test the main website and determine if we can support a load of say, 800 users hitting it at once (800 chosen because that is how many are signed up for the phone tree, so not quite made up). If it can't, we should develop a plan B, which thus far we have thought could be to have a lightweight page in straight HTML, no WordPress that has the content of the post. We could put that on Mayfirst and have it ready to switch over. If that doesn't work (say, it's a sheer bandwidth problem), we should set the DNS TTL value as low as possible and prepare a backup server. Not a bad idea even if the camp stays around. If ob.org goes down, we switch the DNS and within 15-30 minutes people should see the backup site.

For longer term load problems, we need an image resizer plugin, debug the social media icon stuff.

IMPORTANT: confirm that OBIT members have admin access to WP.


We should confirm that the twitter/email gateway is operational, and will remain thus. Leftyfb has led this, but I'm unaware of anyone else who knows how it works or where it lives, etc.


Do a /topic with the info.

Update crispusattucks bot's intro message to tell people what to do, or point them at the appropriate page.

Text message alerts

It wasn't clear to me who owns this or what they are planning on doing with it. We know it works, as the last two days have seen messages.

Live Streaming

We need to make sure the record button has been clicked on during our livestreams!

We should try to debug the livestream stuff while we're not actually livestreaming. We seem to always be under pressure to produce the livestream and fix it, while also trying to stream -- not ideal.

We should try to debug what's going on with livestream and qik integration.

We should also explore the livestream app, which is more capable than the Flash app and may help us get out to more people, e.g. those on mobile phones.