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These are notes regarding OBIT's email account cleanup project.

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Subject: Are you still using your @occupyboston.org email address

Hello USER,

We (OBIT) are in the process of cleaning up old @occupyboston.org email accounts. We don't want to disrupt anyone's mail service; instead, we're trying to identify accounts that people have abandoned, or no longer wish to use.

If you're still using this email account, please reply to this message with "I'm still using this email". That's all you have to do.

Conversely, you can also say "delete my @occupyboston.org email account" -- that's your choice to make. But be sure you've made a copy of any messages that you want to preserve.

If you don't respond, we'll try to contact you again in a week or two. If you're still unresponsive, we'll assume that your account has been abandoned.

Thanks in advance.

General Conventions

  • If the user wants to keep their email account, then we keep it
  • If the user wants us to delete their email account, then we delete it
  • If the account appears to be abandonded, .tgz the user's Maildir, and encrypt it with pgp symmetric encryption. This way, we can restore the users' account if needed. In the interim, their messages stay private.

For more specific details, see https://support.mayfirst.org/ticket/7098.

Working Details