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To create email accounts and email lists, you will need access to the MF/PL control panel. If you do not have the login and password, you will not be able to create these accounts.

also see WG/OBIT/MayFirst Email Help

Creating an Individual Email Account

Creating an individual email is a two step process:

0. Creating a user account

Once you're logged into the control panel you should see something like:

Top >> Occupy Boston >> Mail hosting order for occupy boston.

Click on "User Account"

Click on "add new item"

Fill out the form, with a First, Last, username, and password.

You can either create a random password or enter a custom password here. Note: This password will be used for logging into the email account. Make sure you give a copy to the account owner. And instruct them to change their password by logging in at https://members.mayfirst.org/cp

Skip the fields after password, and click "Submit"

1. Creating an email account

Now that you have a user, you can create the email account.

Click on "Email Address" from the tabs.

Click on "Add a new item"

Type in an email address name, i.e. "obit"

Choose @ occupyboston.org as the domain extension.

Select the username you created from the last section.

Click "Submit"

Creating an Email List

Creating an email list is rather easy. After logging into the control panel, click on the tab that says "Email List."

Click "Add new item"

Type a name for the list.

Choose lists.occupyboston.org as the domain.

Type the email address for the list owner.

Click "Submit"

The list owner should get information on how to manage the mailing list.

There are some helpful FAQs here: https://support.mayfirst.org/wiki/faq#MailmanEmailListRelated