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1) usability of groups

eve wants to work on it - she's going to get toeghet with dirk

2) occupy law enforcement - we are going to host it

3) wecanoccupy.org - wtf - it looks sketchy apparently ravi knows who does it

4) livestream

lefty wants there to be more producers

kevin on the daily digest announce producer positions

we want to have an email sent to kevin


need more managing of hotspots with media

5) email staffing

Thursday Cluesque

Friday Ross

Saturday Tracy

Sunday Ross & Grainne

Monday Grainne

Tuesday Beau

6) radio.occupyboston.org

Lefty is point NS records at May first

7) varnish

Jeremy and Ross are going to work on it

8) civi-crm

communications spokes council 2 members representing each interested working group thats.

numerous requests to have a civi-crm instance

manage humans involved

9) Bradon got our money for the server

Post Script We are going to try to join forces and funding with Live and Radio to buy hotspot and do a better job of merging things