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  • Trac / Support Protocols
  • Guerrilla Routers
  • stout-google-calendar
  • Forums
  • Citizen's United Website
  • Local Election Scorecard (Eli)
    • Transparency and Campaign Contributions
  • OBIT Twitter @OccupyBosTech
    • Diaspora

Notes from Meeting

  • Hack Day is Wed. 3-whenever
  • Apache problem 3 seg faults last night.... this morning too.... working with ekg. Core dumps pointed toward google calender... tech calender causing seg fault's... added debugging... brandon, how many instances... only one.... We need machines to experiment on... Apache is reporting the fault, but it is PHP... Suggest we leave as is for now for core dumps...missed question about ?delvian squeeze?... brandon, set up second instance.. ok for now..
  • Forums

Are forums something we want to pursue? Currently email groups are being used for communication... People want forums...We've tested Vanilla forums... If we install PHPBB there's more weight, and more security issues... Tim had suggested installing an instance of Reddit.. Reddit has voting on topics.... vs.vanilla ... Vanilla not threaded... We need to think about how we market the technology that we roll out... Citizen s United has created their own website..... Brandon likes the voting features of Reddit but then we have to implement Reddit. We need to decide if to have a forum, and which it should be... Reddit features... we should look at it.. Tim installed Reddit at home before meeting.. brandon, concern that Reddit is maintenance...Ross, undertake Reddit for the movement, not Occupy Boston. Meetings on sunday, if we are going to do, do for the movement. Does Reddit help with consensus?.. Eli talking w/people about doing a scorecard on elections, find out where funding comes from, starting a possible working group... back to Reddit.... Reddit vs. Vanilla.... Reddit has sub-reddits.... why don't we do something on the Reddit site?... redesign UI, ughhhhh... suggesting Reddit to solve e-mail list problems not change interface.. read info, guidelines don't fit group...chris.. set out set out rules, and enforce self.... up to moderators to enforce or not. want to incorporate consensus... Reddit is a huge undertaking... person comes and tells us about ACTA in the EU, says that people are protesting in Poland. max, important to establish the needs of the average occupier... wants to find people within occupy conversation regarding an orglist of who is who.... create ticket to make changes to wiki...mentioned possible training day for wiki..ross, seems the theme of the past weeks is communication.... seems that not doing anything is a good idea until we have purpose need... Just throwing redundant tech out there... several suggested solutions to problem... ID problem.. need to .. 3 things proposed.. 1. reg forum.. 2. Reddit.. 3. crcrm?.. 4. groups.. figure social implications of implementation.. cant rush ahead and impliment software.. not sure of first step... ross, would suggest that we are not the people to figure out what the actual problems are.. we can figure out a method.. change it name to tech support.. max, people respect this group.. brandon, what to do with twitter obit acct. ross, what to do with diaspora acct.* Citizens United Website brandon, next Citizens United website... Laura Boise told ???? about it... asked for functionality.. there is already a website... got an email from sam that built the website... didn't want to have to do the work again... response, here are alot of reasons not to use googls... terms of google scary.. we are getting back to him.. try and move it here, and if issue.. ross, so far beyond parameters set by GA... happy to port the whole thing to get it off google... shouldn't be our responsibility... website has a really long name.. how much of it should just be on our site.... jeremy has built something cool for this.

  • Various

Meeting on sunday- use of forums... forums.occupyboston.org is open... various peoplpe logging on to forums..

  • Eli's new WG

it's going to be an audit on local candidates, mass state house, and senate... audit campaign contributions and a way to present to the public. focus on OB issues and audit on all sides transparency then given(?).. access public info past and present..

  • Various discussion

need web designers.. chris, theres another group called ideas.... floss at noon on sunday other stuff till 8pm..... posters, asking for a shortened url....