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February 8th OBIT meeting at E5 (Small turn out, short meeting.)

--Update on problems with OB Twitter from Lefty

-- Media/OBIT/Logitics collaboration: Eli from Media's place of work has 28 computers to donate free to OB, but we need to provide transportation for picking them up. This is scheduled to happen 9am-11 this Friday. Kendra has emailed Occupier, Sage Radachowsky, about using his truck for this. If that's not possible, Ross or Matt's car might be used. This will be coordinated with Rene from Logistics. The GA has allocated funds for the new (cheaper) OB storage facility where the computers will be stored for now. -But the account hasn't been set up yet, so this will be part of the Friday morning activity.

-- We talked a little about implementing Discussion Forums (Dana has been wanting to fast-track this idea) but we all agreed to keep with the process we already consensed on, and not go ahead with setting up new software functionality before first asking the Working Groups what _they_ think they would like to see. There is an etherpad open edit of the questionaire, but there is also a time scheduled to finish the edit of the questionaire this Friday (the 10th) at 1:00pm on IRC.

-- Update from Ross re: recent trip to OWS and discussions with NYC tech: They are trying to set up a kind of Craigslist/Classified Clone called permabank. They gave us access to a GitHub link to maybe help out with their efforts.

-- Sunday morning Floss radio broadcast ...might happen. It's still unclear.