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Oct 21 2011 2 PM IRC Meeting


When adding to the agenda, please place your name/handle next to the item you add, so we can keep track of who needs to talk about what.

  1. Group structure, responsibilities, etc. - we likely need to start splitting the group up (we have 40+ people)
  2. Wikifacts idea that I sent out about a while ago
  3. Distributed demonstration idea
  4. Web editing privileges and procedures (likely a sub or new working group)
  5. Power ideas that have been floating around
  6. Calendaring -- we agreed yesterday that we'd talk about it at our next meeting -- I'm not at all prepared for the discussion, hopefully someone else is looking into it today :)
  7. Wiki migration -- we need docs, testing, first responders and all sorts of stuff ready for the cut over on Sunday. Volunteers?
  8. Google Groups migration -- we need to figure out how to do this, some ideas
  9. livestream -- why isn't it up 24/7?
  10. Trac mobile browsing (brandon)