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Tech Meeting 11/13/11

Ross- facilitator

Ren- Taking imperfect notes


Energy update from Dana- WePay fundraising for Wind Turbine (lightweight vertical) almost fully funded. Solar panels may be moved.

Livestream from Ross- camera is moved. A laptop will be coming by Tuesday. Need a schedule for who’s in charge each (GA) night.


Legal Needs from Gráinne- Do an intake with folks about “groups”



1) Meeting Times- Brendan says don’t decide now. This past Wednesday at 5 we did have a meeting and not a lot of folks showed up. Gráinne proposes Wednesday at 7 would be better for anyone who works. Wednesday at 7 it is.


2) Failed Agenda Items from Last Meeting

a) Dana subscribing Energy List to OBIT has some problems. Ross might be able to fix. Energy digest (to OBIT) might solve problem. Also opt-in. Individuals might also be able to subscribe to Energy digest. Final decision: send Energy digest to Obit@occupyboston.org


b) Generator-diesel, Dana says everyone says no to this (because it’s an excuse to shut us down). It’s in the ‘burbs.


c) Volunteer group- is being formed again. We can connect with them when they are in a more finalized form.


d) Training Plans- Ren will do Wiki training and tweaks as they need to be done. Tim is also reversing screw-ups on wiki from OneKarma (which is discussed later). Mailing list is discussed later.


e) Matt will do OpenID on Wiki


f) Ross will change how email is structured. Will write email about groups.


3) Ravi- developing a plan for email. Sent email to the listserv. What is best practices for the mailing list(s)? One idea is to put on the wiki with screen shots etc. Anna wants to do a large mailing list teach-in. Gráinne says one-on-one is best. We will meet at 6 with Legal (and perhaps some others) for groups training before the next meeting on Wednesday. Ross and Dana will work on putting  up easy wiki instructions for email and mailing list. Might be using Roundcube. Training people to use Horde, Thunderbird. Plugins might help with some folder filtering concerns on Roundcube.


4)  OneKarma is no longer an admin. Some working group pages still screwed up. Things we need to keep in mind on Wiki: don’t change location of pages, make sure to fix links, put up redirects when we need to etc. OneKarma is invited to the next meeting.


5) Summit on Saturday- Does it have a Tech component? No, but it needs reps for that meeting from Tech. Looks like some of us will be there.


6) Kerry’s company, Venture Activism

a) Friendica.org- peer-to-peer social network that can aggregate from Twitter, Facebook and Google +. Will set up for free. Is set up on server. PGP

b) Also “Occupy the Economy” for which he passed out pamphlets. http://ventureactivism.com or contact ops@ventureactivism.com


5) Location- E5 issues from GA. Connect with Alissa for scheduling (which we’re doing already)


6) Master List of Services- Matt making contact list on Wiki for the Wiki, IRC, mail, mailing lists


7) Some active, large working groups are not on Wiki. Eden will get contact info for Ren  of POC group and Queer and Trans group. Is Direct Action on Wiki? Yes!