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1. Turning the Wednesday meeting into a "work meeting", passed consensus.

2. Volunteer coordination. Are there specific tasks or needs the tech group has which we can advertise for volunteers? 2a. Kevin suggests we should have a volunteer training process, perhaps have a session every two weeks, or a mentor-apprentice system.

3. Kevin talks about the daily digest which goes out to ~1000 people. They're looking for a feature on the website where folks can sign up for this digest on the website. Ross says this feature exists already on the groups.occupyboston.org site. Kevin would like it on the main occupyboston.org site though. Since this list doesn't speak for Occupy Boston, it probably shouldn't go on the home page, but we can have a link that says "Click here to Volunteer" that takes you to the volunteer groups site, where they can enter their email. There is already a volunteer link on the main page, but it is out of date and needs to be "revamped".

4. Media & Kevin would like the ability to automatically post the daily digest to the main page. Others suggest that it would be easier to just give Kevin the credentials than set up an email post system.

5. Occupy Boston Summit. Maureen would like some way to involve internet participants in the process. Perhaps livestreaming the summit and involving the chat rooms (with small numbers of participants). Livestream is no problem. Ravi suggests a twitter hashtag would be useful. Brandon suggests we project twitter and irc livefeeds onto a wall. G and others suggest twitter might not be best because it will be overused by by people in the room rather than people elsewhere. Still a work in progress.

6. Checking the obit@ob.org email. We'll setup a "schedule a meeting" on the groups site and setup a wiki page with protocols. Brandon will do this.