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Attending: Kendra, Ross, Randy, Steve, Brett. E5 was closed, so we met at City place.

Wiki spam

Steve set up a set of Abuse Filter rules. Blocked close to 100 spambots since Saturday morning. We'll see how long it lasts, before the spambots figure a way around it.

NYC Trip and mod_php

It was great. Ross recounts a Purim event he attended. Unfortunately, no brilliant insights on our mod_php issue. We'll put this on the next agenda. (Recap: we'd like to run different domains on the same machine, without having to worry about resource contention between domains. With mod_php, different domains share the same resource server resources). By contrast, FastCGI allows better isolation of domains, with per-domain limits. FastCGI is slower than mod_php.

For CiviCRM, we probably want on mod_php, though. It's very resource intensive.

Could treat attucks as primary web site and CiviCRM, and use boggs for other domains. Gives us guarantees fastest website, and avoids resource contention with CiviCRM.

Other approach - use FastCGI on attucks, with the assumption that we won't get a huge amount of traffic; dedicate extra resources to CiviCRM and Wordpress site.

Plans for CiviCRM: no official plans yet, but occupy.org is building a multi-site civi instance that may be usable by all occupys. Not sure when this will happen. May also do their own civi distribution. We may be able to utilize their server, but there are reasons why we might want to run our own instance.

Media and Featured Campaigns Website Feature

(Brett From Media). Three or Four buttons on website, for major campaigns. Modeled after stopcorporateabuse.org. Make it easier for people to hook up with campaigns they're interested in. Brett working on getting list of current groups. Have MBTA, General Strike. Need a third button. Maybe labor rights, housing foreclosures, maybe April 1st. Brett working on getting together material and contacts for these actions.

Dan C. and Josh E. from media have found a few wordpress plugins that might work for this purpose. Ross will talk to them about plugin options. Ross adds brett as submitter to obit list.

Going forward, we'll need to establish a process for figuring out what our featured campaigns are. Could be too heavy for GA, but could be managed by a separate working group or committee; could also be managed by media. We don't need to solve this tonight, but it's a conversation that we should continue to have.

The detail presentation should have a consistent look across the featured campaigns.

Game planning: we're modeling this after stopcorporateabuse.org. What is unique about occupy that could make our list of featured campaigns more effective that other organization's list of top campaigns? Today, occupyboston.org doesn't show people how to get immediately involved; it should. Our detail presentation should be different; ours should contain contact information, dates of events, details on how people could get involved, history of campaign, etc. Perhaps we could hook some of the details/campaign events into CiviCRM. Featured campaigns might be a guinea pig for a CiviCRM project. We can start basic, and amend as we see fit. Brett will try to mock up what one of the campaign detail pages might look like.

We should set things up so that we can maintain a bunch of these campaigns, and move them on and off the front page. Would allow us to stage things in advance of launch. Would also give us the ability to handle the "more campaigns than buttons" scenario.

Things that are occupy related should be tied to other occupy-related things. (e.g., from a search engine/SEO standpoint). Occupy sites should link to other occupy sites, especially where different occupy groups are working on similar issues. This goal will require some thought and human collaboration.

Timeline: let's shoot for two weeks.

Group walks over to Community Church with the intention of finishing up OBIT meeting, then attending Spokes council. Then, we take a diversion to talk with one of the folks from OB Radio ...

Community Gathering

Do we have any bands/music entertainment line up? Dance party? Where would we have a dance party at St. Pauls?


  • 6:00 - Meet and greet for half an hour
  • 6:30 - introductions. Present overview of meeting. Then presentations until 8:30 pm.

Presentation topics. This is the broad list -- we'll have to prune a few topics.

  • Live stream from Mexico
  • Man in the middle attack
  • Discussion of Power with media
  • Browser security, or something akin to Jared's javascript inspector
  • Libre Office
  • Give out Free software on USB sticks. (Copies of Mac and Windows versions of libre office, inkscape, Gimp, etc).
  • Video Mixing Demonstration?
  • Jeremy's Consensus-building software (demonstration).

Tech Workshop (Sunday March 11th)

Sunday. 2:00 - 4:30 at E5. Potential topics: wiki and secure mail. Steve will announce at GA on Tuesday.

Ross will talk to folks at E5 to reserve space. Also need to publicize beyond GA announcement. Maybe mass mailing to oblists.

Hack Day (March 10th)

11:00 on Saturday e5. Main topic will be Groups v2.

Action Items

Hackday Agenda. We should develop an outline for Saturday hackday session. Please contribute to the outline at https://pad.riseup.net/p/obit-hackday-mar10-agenda

Community Gathering Agenda. By Wednesday - Narrow list of community gathering presentation topics to something that we could do in an evening. We'd like to make sure that Jeremy's Demo is on the list. Start writing out list on a pad, and send out to list for people to edit, etc. Kendra will start an etherpad and send link to obit list: Community Gathering Agenda