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Proposed Agenda

Meeting Minutes

Meeting at City Place. Kendra, Brett, Ross, Randy, Steve

OBR Blog Request (Ticket 61)

Ticket 61. OBR wants blogs that correspond with OBR radio shows. We have few options for doing this. Should ask radio if they'd want these incorporated into groups site, of it these should be a separate web site.

Brandon will ask radio if they want a dedicated domain.

Might make more sense to just go ahead an implement in Drupal 7.

Radio doesn't need this immediately.

Update Documentation

A long time ago, we said that we were going to work on updating documentation: organize wiki documentation, email etiquette, etc.

We decided to work on three specific documentation related tasks:

  1. Best practices for using mailing lists. TODO: get volunteer to write this.
  2. Best practices for the wiki (starting with organization). Steve will write this.
  3. Document for using IRC. Start with the web-based IRC client. Brandon will write this.

Wordpress Permissions (Ticket #16)

Ticket 16 involves adding finer-grained control over wordpress permissions.

Let's pick a day to sit down and get this thing done. Ross and Brandon will do this on Tuesday.

Community Gathering

Ross wrote a short promo for the community gathering: https://pad.riseup.net/p/obit-community-gathering.

TODO: Please look at the promo, and tweak or critique. We'll need to send the promo to media in the next few days.

Let's make sure we're in touch with food about food. See Food Group Wiki Page Randy will contact food.

Security Culture / Packet sniffing. Steve has been working on a presentation on this topic. We might not have time for this presentation during the community gathering, but we could potentially use it for a teach in. Steve will finish the presentation and send out for feedback.

We need Dana to figure out the music situation. TODO: email Dana regarding music.


We could try a teach in on the Sunday Mar. 25th (day before community gathering), focusing on wiki. Still undecided on the methodology for making the presentation.


  • Have a "clinic" where people create a user page and link it to their working group.
  • Present a page with some markup errors; have participants fix the markup errors.

We should have a (separate) meeting for teach-in planning. Let's meet at Tocanini's in Central Square, this Thursday at 19:00.

Two weeks later (Sunday, April 8th), presentation on security culture.

Idea of doing teach-ins at libraries on weekends. This would allow us to combine skill-sharing with outreach. Awesome idea -- we should do it. Kendra will call a list of libraries to explore options. We'd need to think through presentation topics for a broader community, and practice our presentations.

Update from Groups v2 Hackday

We had really cool planning/design session. Came up with a list of features, and user stories for each feature. Next: ask Jeremy to put the list of features into his consensus building tool, so that we can figure out what is most important (and what we should work on first). We'll build a few features at a time (incremental development, with short iteration cycles).

We decided to use Drupal 7 as a development platform.

We'll devote 20:00-21:00 during Wed. meeting for Groups development.

Update on Wiki anti-spam measures

Blocked 666 spam accounts in the last week with abuse filters. We should look into a more robust captcha option, or require email verification for posting. Ross opens ticket.

Latest trend: bots posting spam, with image uploads. Sigh ... (Steve will create more abuse filters if warranted.)

Wordpress Featured Campaigns

So far, we've been unable to find a plug in that would accomplish what we want for the "featured campaigns" feature. Ross will take a stab at writing a plugin; he'll try to make a first pass by Tuesday.


Do we need to be running monit on attucks? No; let's disable it. Monit is acting weird, and restarting stuff it shouldn't be restarting.