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Groups v2

Sprint 0 Review

  • Brandon: I felt that Ross & I did most of the work, other people should be involved.
  • Ross: 2nded.
  • Jeremy: Sprint 0 is meant to get our shit together. Now that we've got dev environments ready, more of us can help.
  • We did get everything done! Yay us!

Sprint 1 Planning

  • We should start talking to Media, as well as FSU & Safer Spaces (who actively use v1).
  • Dana is going to add some OB branding to the site
  • We should add a forum section for support & feedback


  • Media has suggested we meet on a Saturday to talk about Groups


  • Media really wants this to happen and wants us to post on the blog about it.
  • There is a training planned for 2:30PM on Sunday?
  • We'll meet at 12PM on Sunday to prepare for the teach-in at e5.

Community Gathering

  • Dana: I tried really hard to get some kind of musicians to perform live, but I've got Deb from the FSF to come with some music.
  • How are we going to structure our community conversation?
  • Ross: If we don't get somebody I think I can pull off a workshop.
  • Jeremy's General Will: break into groups & use the software.
    • Jeremy: let's find a piece of legislation we can use
    • Dana: it should be fun