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OBIT Meeting 3/25/2012

Brandon, Ross, Dana, Steve. Meeting at City Place.

Community Gathering

  • Food sorted out. We bought a bunch of food. Kendra is making sushi tonight, and Ross will pick it up from her tomorrow.
  • Should have access to projector and sound system at E5.
  • Dana is working side show (for background material at beginning, end, etc).
  • 6:00 - 6:30. Mingling with looping of slideshow. Perhaps with music behind it.
  • Theatre of the oppressed. Perhaps warmup with the Columbian Hypnotist. Next an "oppression machine". About 45 minutes.
  • Short video edit, using Free Software. 2--3 minutes.
  • Jeremy's Consensus Software. Break up into small groups; 5--6 people per group; each group with a laptop.
  • If we need more time: small discussion of Free software (Bank of America and Proprietary Software vs Credit Unions and Free Software).

Wiki Gathering

  • We really didn't have a turnout. We taught one person the basics of wiki editing.

Key signing

  • We had a key signing amongst ourselves