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OBIT 4/15/2012

Proposal for Media and GA


Email Problem



Next one first

Joint media OBIT meeting

New email list that Ross made

scraped all email lists and we have over 3000 email

We are not sure about what to do with the list and we don't want lose the momentum

Dana and Brandon are drafting a proposal to bring to GA with guidelines for the new email list with obit facilitation in reach and media having a say in the use

Quick update about the OBIT/Media meeting

I am working on getting a button for the top level of the page for the general assembly

The current design needs to be more usable

The new button could be more obvious

We want as few clicks from the main page as possible

Eli says there has to be a consensus before they send stuff out and then once it is approved they do not send it. There are three people and if more than one does not agree is it goes to a five person vote, if they disagree again, it is shelved until the next week.

If someone feels there is an email that should go to everyone 4

How many people out of four before you can fire the email off to everyone

three out of four

if the final person has serious concerns

So far I have gotten good feedback/ it looks more like a header than a column

Occupy email the mail

The last few days people were not getting their email

Last week we also had the proxy server go down because Varnish was messed up

wiki was down, but that was fixed as well

Would it be good idea to have a follow up announcement

we need a down time strategy

There should have been a message that said your email is down to allow people

Mayfirst is responsive to getting stuff fixed

One discussion to have with the rest of the community that this happened and we will stop it from happening in the future.

Should we have someone make a notification?

We need a strategy for when something like this happens how we deal with letting the rest of OB know

this is related to an email I sent out this week about a visit Mayfirst got about a bomb threat at the University of Pittsburgh/ They went to A guy and told him they would not give the information even if they had it.

We need procedure for disseminating this to GA

Can someone contact ROSS and find out what happened and get an explanation for

Is it better to email him or IRC him


OB Groups has gotten a request from Jorge to subscribe/ It is defunct and no one would subscribe to it

There are several reason why no one should subscribe to this list/ We are phasing it out and it is not being used and it was only to be for working groups email no individual

Most of the tickets are older

(Rapple- resource trading system)/ Used in OWS

1) Wiki search feature request that Terra had (

there are a pile of wordpress tickets open/ (Steve) can we tell Terra that we agree with her but that we have so me higher priority things to do

   Wordpress logging is a ticket we have had for a while

Someone from media had access to the control panel and we need to see what login was there and if it was sufficient/ #15

there is a login feature in the wordpress/

Ticket #40

The Selly message ticket, the raffly thing

This disappeared from the interface and need to talk to Eli about it

Two tickets on the wordpress mobile site/ The site is broken and you cannot disable it.

It works for a mobile device, but the button to turn it off does not work/ you can click it and it does nothing ( it is a plug-in)

It should be m.something

It would be better not to have a mobile site than a mobile site that you cannot take off

Q/ on wordpress tickets

Dev environment


The last sprint was finished

We should talk about our next sprint on Wednesday

Steve was doing wordpress login,

There's another ticket from the media meeting about the featured campaigns (Ross)

Someone mentioned that they wanted to make a wordpress post of proposals that had been passed/

things that the general public would not want to see/

matt has been posting these proposals and they float to the top as the latest wordpress post

The wordpress skipped the front page/ there is an app for that to skip the front page

If someone wants to test that we can prod Ross maybe/ I'll just assign this to my self (Brandon)

We didn't finish talking about the mobile site/ move it to a separate sub-domain and get rid of browser protection/ it is intrusive

Can it be done remotely if we get the dev environment up?

Won't be able to look at it until some time next week/ it is a matter of what the options are on the control panel if it is coming from there

Agenda item/ Let's turn varnish off because it was causing a lot of problems/ I think Ross did turn it off

Also he was reminded about the idea of having a dev site so we could try things. We could only notice the errors we were trying to fix if we had a lot of traffic on the site.

We brought it up and Ross said It was not going to help

there is a gate repository we can use for the groups

If there is a dev site on a machine on a local computer it is hard to point people to it to see the upgrades

Ross has a dev environment on stone, but that might be something else/ Ask him about it when we talk to him about everything else

Another wiki training or security raining

gpg skill share on Wednesday e-5 @ 6pm