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OBIT Meeting - 30 May 2012

Kendra, Jeremy, Steve, Eden. E5.

CISPA / IT Articles for Occupier

According to Kendra, folks at the Occupier say that IT articles drive a lot of traffic to their web site. We should consider writing more articles.

Where is this traffic coming from? Internal, external? Don't know, but it would be nice to understand this a little better.

OBIT Meeting Schedule

There's some confusion Re: wed. vs Thu. There seems to be a preference for meeting on Thu (in addition to Sunday). Let's have a follow-up discussion on the mailing list.

Groups v2dev

We'd like to continue developing the site, since we've got one iteration done.

If we continue work, will it be valuable to the wider community?

June 1st Planning Event

Do we want to be involved in the June 1st planning? What is OBIT's role in the future of Occupy?

Web Site Help for CLVU

Kendra and Dana went to a CLVU meeting in JP. They're doing a whole lot of stuff in the area of foreclosure prevention. Are there ways that OBIT could help them?


  • #14 (Wrong image on Facebook plage). Closed
  • #15 (Wordpress logging). Would like Brandon and/or Ross around at the time of deployment.
  • #79 (mediawiki upgrade). Steve trying to find time to work on this

CISPA Blog Posting

Posted to http://www.occupyboston.org/2012/05/30/take-actio-on-cispa-hr-3523/