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OBIT Meeting Notes (10 June 2012)

Attending: Eden, Kendra, Steve.

Boston Pride

We began the meeting by looking at pictures from yesterday's Pride parade, via Mass Pirates twitter feed: https://twitter.com/#!/masspirates. Cute wagon.

mailman footer (ticket 85)

People have been getting "someone attempted to unsubscribe you from MMM" messages, where MMM is a @lists.occupyboston.org mailing list. We suspect that these come from person A clicking on Person B's unsubscribe link. Regardless, this has been a source of confusion and concern to people who've gotten these messages.

For an example of this, see https://lists.mayfirst.org/mailman/private/community_forum/2012-May/001772.html

We can change footers (per mailing list). For example, bank-action removed user-specific unsubscribe URLs from their message footer.

Would it be worth removing user-specific unsub links from some of the high-traffic mailing lists, like community_forum? Or, should we leave it to individual list owners?

TODO: Can change we the text of unsub confirmation messages? (i.e., to include language like "don't panic -- someone may have accidentally clicked on your unsubscribe link by mistake).

email setup tickets (74, 82, 86)

Someone with MF/PL control panel access will need to look at these.

wordpress dev -> production promotion

Discussion tabled for now.


Forums may be a replacement for mailing lists, in some cases. Mailing lists are good where discussions happen among a relatively fixed set of participants. Forums are more topic based; it's easier for them to accomodate a changing list of participants. Provide both options, and let people vote with their feet.

Community forum: might be more valuable if archives were open to the public? Let's ask the community forum, and see what they think.

Discussion about promoting v2dev.groups.occupyboston.org -> groups.occupyoccupyboston.org. We need another development iteration (perhaps including the migration of existing groups.occupyboston.org content).


In the past, we've talked about adding an educational component to OBIT; teaching people how to use our different web tools, how to set up thunderbird, how to set up PGP, etc.

We've had two educational sessions in the past: one for wiki, and one for for mail encryption. Zero to no attendance at both. Would better promotion have produced better attendance?

Should we start doing regular monthly workshops, and promoting the heck out of them?

Alternate proposal: we have two obit meetings/week. What about making one of them a hands-on/training session. Agenda would be driven by who showed up, and what they asked for help with.

Should we put OBIT meetings on the OB Calendar?