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OBIT Meeting (8/23/2012)

Kendra, Dana, Brandon, Steve, Linda


We'll try to start at 6:00pm Saturday. Get address from Rene.

Bring your laptops, and bring your GPL'd Doom and/or Quake engines.

Everyone List

Dana announced at GA.

Whose on the submit committee? We think, Brandon, Anna, Matt H., and Rene.

Administrative Stuff

We discuss handoff of admin stuff from Brandon to members of Obit.

Services in question:

  • trac
  • piwik
  • Some mailing list passwords


Rene suggested proposals.occupyboston.org. Steve suggested making this a redirect to voices.occupyboston.org.

Downsize infrastructure

We currently pay $100/month for hosting (private VM).

A business account would be $200/year

Downsides of normal business account

  • we'd (probably) lose attucks
  • fastcgi instead of mod_php
  • possible resource contention with other tennants of a shared machine.
  • What would happen with varnish?

Decide not to make a decision tonight. We should try to get an understanding of OB's monthly expenditures and overall burn rate, so that we see what portion of expenses hosting is.

We'd like to keep the current hosting package, and try to find a way to cover the cost, perhaps contributing some of the money ourselves.

We compare load on three Mayfirst servers: attucks, boggs, and kerr (kerr is OccupyArlington's host).

secure communications

We often use open wifi networks at meetings. It would be nice if there were a vpn service we could use (openvpn or similar).

Steve to ask Ross/Lefty if they know any openvpn providers. Maybe Mayfirst has a vpn gateway.

We could also set up an openvpn instance on attucks.

Go back to meeting at E5

We'll see if E5 is available for future obit meetings. Steve will make a space reservation.

Sunday Meeting

Next working meeting is Sunday at 2:00pm, City Place. We're planning to upgrade wordpress on bostonoccupybanks.org.