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OBIT Meeting (10/14/2012)

Dana, Steve, Kendra.


What could we do to improve our calendar? We'd like to make it easy for people to add events, but we also want some level of accountability. (e.g., to prevent issues like the one surrounding the S30 march; someone posted a facebook event about a march, but no one seems to know who did it).

What about a form for submitting calendar form? There's already a calendar event submission form on the website. It goes to calendar@lists.occupyboston.org. Not sure who's currently on that list. The form is [1]

Dana posts a test event to the calendar submission form, to see who from calendar list responds.

This is partially a human issue; we need people to keep on top of listing events, and keeping the calendar up to date.

Mailing list cleanup

We'd like to clean up some of our old mailing lists. Steve posted a draft process here: http://voices.occupyboston.org/forum/feedback/mailing-list-cleanup-proposal

Dana is interested in helping with some of this work.

Hosting order cleanup

Since we mentioned cleaning up mailing lists, brandon suggested that we clean up old hosting orders.

We have consensus that this would be a good idea.

Steve mentions that we need to look at mailing lists, addresses, and web site before cancelling a hosting order. Nearly all of our mailing lists are under `obmail', but a few lists were created under other hosting orders.


People are using it. How can we improve adoption?

Retraining users can take a long time. We can always keep evangelizing voices.

Is cross posting okay (e.g., facebook, voices, mailing lists)? Sure, it's okay.

What about spam? There's not much spam on voices, and Drupal makes this very easy to clean up spam posts.

Would be nice to have a way to tweet voices content. Or, to put a voices RSS feed on occupyboston.org. These could be future projects.

Future Meeting schedule

Steve wanted to talk about the schedule for future obit meetings, but forgot to bring it up. I guess we'll talk about it on the mailing list.