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OBIT Meeting (11/4/2012)

Attending: Eden, Kendra, Dana, Steve

OBIT Meeting Schedule

Eden is leaving around Nov 12th.

Has Dana weighted in on the meeting schedule yet? No. But there's only a few weeks left in the semester. Dana teaches classes on Thursday nights; Thursday doesn't work well with his schedule.

We could go back to meeting at E5, but we need to reserve the space in advance.

GAs will be held every other Sunday at 4pm. We're not doing GAs on Tuesday anymore.

We decide on 2pm, Sundays @ E5. Kendra will make reservations.

Report-back from Mayfirst Membership Meetings

Kendra, Steve, Eden went with Ross to Mayfirst's membership meeting.

Steve: one fellow in my discussion group was interested in attending tech workshops. "I'm not that tech savvy, but I could learn if someone teaches". There's probably value in us doing tech workshops or teach-ins.

Kendra: maybe we could organize a workshop in Jan or Feb, possibly in Conjunction with the pirate party.

Maybe we could get Mayfirst to help sponsor events re: organizing with technology. We could also work in conjunction with the South end tech center. Maybe we could find some people at MIT who are interested in working with people in the community.

What happened at the membership meeting? There were presentations on the organization, and group work on priorities for the next year. The meeting was pretty neat. It was held in NYC and Mexico City, with streaming audio between the two sites. At each site, people had the option of wearing translator headphones (e.g., to hear an English translation of someone speaking in Spanish.)

Wordpress upgrades

Steve is planning to upgrade Occupy Boston's wordpress site on Monday. Steve did upgrade on a test system. Started with automated upgrade. A few plugin upgrades didn't work, and had to be done manually. Automated update did most of the work, but not all of the work.

GPG key signings

Let's dedicate the Nov 18th meeting to straightening out PGP issues.

Could we open the meeting up to people outside of OBIT, who are interested in getting PGP set up? Sure, we can do that.