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OBIT Meeting (11/18/2012)

Kendra, Steve, Dana.

Facebook admins

During the last week, we (OBIT) were asked to create a few facebook events; aside from lefty, no one in OBIT has access to OB's facebook page. That's okay. We'll get a list of FB admins. If someone needs an OB facebook event, we'll refer them to the list of FB admins.


We discuss the registration of occupyboston.org. We don't control the domain registration, and the registration expires in Sep 2013. It might make sense to migrate to occupyboston.us before then.

We can see two main phases to the migration.

  • Web sites. We can 301 redirect FOO.occupyboston.org/BAR to FOO.occupyboston.us/BAR. That's pretty straightforward stuff.
  • Mailing lists. Migrating mailing lists (and individual email addresses) will be a pain in the arse. We'll probably need to get some assistance from Mayfirst. Kendra and Steve will talk with Mayfirst folks at the next tech meeting. (Which is Dec 1st)

Infrastructure Projects

Do we have any infrastructure projects coming up? Yes -- getting an SSL cert, and providing https access to our websites.


We do a quick tutorial on how to add events to the occupy boston calendar, and how to change the banner on the front page of occupyboston.org. Then, we do some hands-on stuff with PGP and monkeysphere.