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17 Feb 2013 OBIT Meeting

Attending: Kendra, Steve. Held at Boloco.

Mailing list cleanup

Here's the process proposal for cleaning up mailing lists. We can use this as a starting point, and refine as we go: http://voices.occupyboston.org/forum/feedback/mailing-list-cleanup-proposal

Steve and Kendra will each take a block of 20 lists. Eden volunteered to help, so we'll give her a block of twenty as well. Basic gist:

  • Organize your personal cleanup list in whatever way that helps you keep track of things.

The end goal: to figure out which mailing lists can be deleted. We'll start by disabling them, waiting a while, and then deleting them.

As we go along, we can share "boilerplate" messages, regarding the cleanup.