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2/24/2013 OBIT Meeting

Dana, Kendra, Steve at Boloco.

Mailing List Cleanup

General information on mailman

There, you'll find instructions on how to set up a mailing list.

Occupy Boston mailing lists are under the "obmail" hosting order.

Mailing list cleanup (top page): Mailing list cleanup

To see the overview page for a mailing list:

First pass, write to LIST and LIST-owner.

Second pass, join list and try to send again.

Third pass, become list owner, and try again.

If no response after third pass, then disable.

Downsize hosting

Steve will open support ticket with Mayfirst, re: downsizing hosting.

Tickets are:

South End Tech Center

Thinking sometime in April, after the April 6th StrikeDebt action.

SETC is trying to move over to free software and Linux. For now, we're probably looking at giving one class/presentation per month.

First meeting April 16th 6:30 - 8:30

First outline for a curriculum (we'll have to discuss this with SETC, and tailor it accordingly).

First session:

  • Brief history of linux. How/Why open source is different from proprietary software.
  • Booting from a linux distribution CD
  • Brief intro to a command line

Second session:

  • Review basic commands
  • Download software and software updates (package manager)

Third and fourth sessions:

  • Small projects. Libre Office, Video editing, Audio editing, Graphics, (basic computer applications). Set up a drupal website.