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3 March 2013 OBIT Meeting

Dana, Kendra, Steve at Boloco.

List cleanup

Dana's gotten half-way through his list cleanup. Will update wiki with statuses. About half of the lists have gotten back to him.

We discuss a plan for preserving mailing list archive. wget -r on root of list archive directory, tarball, then upload to archive.occupyboston.org. Steve will set up archive.occupyboston.org and do a test archive with the energy mailing list.

Steve has around 20 lists that he's be unable to contact. He'll ask mayfirst to make him an owner on those mailing lists, then try to contact them again.

Site Migration Status Update

We've moved two sites from attucks to boggs: bostonoccupybanks.org, voices.occupyboston.org

We have three sites left to move: occupyboston.org, wiki, stream.occupyboston.org. Trying to find out what stream.occupyboston.org is. The other two should be pretty straightforward to move.

Steve will put up blog post about maintenance. He plans to move rest of the sites next weekend. That gives us a week to check over attucks before asking mayfirst turn it off.

For experimental sites (e.g., radio.occupyboston.org, logistics.occupyboston.org), we can tarball, pgp-encrypt to obit members and put on archive.occupyboston.org.

How long to wait before deleting disabled sites? Let's archive them before deleting, that way we won't have to worry about it.

Dormant Email accounts

We'll need to attempt to contact @occupyboston.org email account holders, to see if they're still in use.

For addresses that have become dormant (i.e., non-responsive), we can take home directories, tgz, gpg -symmetric, and put on archives.occupyboston.org. (Of course, we'd want to use different symmetric keys for each .tgz). It feels wrong to delete what could be someone's personal email, but it also feels wrong to make that information public.

Should check with mayfirst support team; they probably have some strategies for dealing with dormant accounts.

SETC training

Kendra sent proposed schedule to Mel King. Waiting to hear back.

We have a discussion about some of the challenges inherent in getting folks to switch from Windows/MacOS to Linux.