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31 March 2013 OBIT Meeting

Dana, Kendra, Steve at Boloco.

South End Tech Center

At some point, we need to pick up computers from storage and deliver to South End tech center. Perhaps bring half in the first delivery. We'll need w/ south end tech center to receive delivery of the computers and with Joe C. to coordinate pickup.

Tentative meeting with SETC on Tuesday April 16th, 16:30-20:30. What linux distribution? We debate Mint vs Ubuntu. Mint might be better, due to inclusion of adware (aka integrated amazon product search) in new Ubuntu release.

IT Cleanup

All stuff off attucks. All old hosting orders deleted. Steve will write to Mayfirst re: shutting down attucks and switching to a co-tennant hosting order.

List cleanup. We decide that we should preserve list archives at http://archive.occupyboston.org, unless asked not to.

Steve will write an archiving utility, to help automate the process. (Update: see Mailing List Archive Howto for archiving utility)

There've been a number of non-responsive lists. We'll have to open a support ticket with Mayfirst, so that we can be added as list administrators. The non-responsive lists are


  • ob-media
  • obupdates
  • occupyharvard
  • occupymbta
  • occupynewsnetwork
  • occupytosustain
  • oeb
  • protestchaplains
  • queertrans


  • farm
  • films


  • rainbowraiders
  • rainbowraiders
  • resourcemap
  • restorativejustice
  • road map planning
  • s30
  • saferspaces
  • screenprint
  • space
  • spiritual
  • stopsopa
  • obmedia
  • a4national
  • alec
  • bank
  • citizensresolution
  • consensus
  • direct dem