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  • WRITERS of Human Interest Stories

Write stories about people supporting the effort. The people gathering up supplies or doing fundraisers. The people in your neighborhood that support the effort for their particular reason. Submit stories to: submit@occupybostonglobe.com.

See ideas below.

If you have a new one, go for it, but let us know you're doing it. If you want to do one on the list, let us know, in case someone else has already started it.

People On Site

People Off Site

  • business people

- the guy that donated the camping equipment from his store

- the bartender that owns a bar around the corner that's having a fundraiser featuring a new drink "the 99% punch". ask terra for his email.

- terra's story

  • others, non-business

- someone making food

- a professor from Boston helping w/policy work

- lawyers from Boston that are volunteering

- ladies knitting hats for the cause (Acton)


  • church groups

- the one in JP, ask terra for email

- Sudbury (Media is already on top of this one)


- bike generator DONE