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The Women's Caucus is a forum for those who identify as women to: discuss issues of gender, promote participation of those who identify as women in working groups, discussion, and other leadership roles, maintain the safety of those who identify as women within the movement and provide resources to improve the retention of those who identify as women. Our meetings are open to anyone who identifies as a woman.


Feel free to contact us at obwomen@occupyboston.org. Please use that email and do not email our mailing list directly unless you are a member: all messages not from members will automatically bounce.


Time and place of upcoming meetings to be announced.


At this time only those who identify as women can attend our meetings and join our very active mailing list. We also have a Facebook group which is, again, open to members who identify as women. Please note that although only members can post to that group, anyone can read the posts. Also note that anyone can edit this (or any other) wiki page. If you read something odd here, that's probably why.


If you do not identify as a woman you can still be a good ally to our group and to women in general. Actively advocate in mixed groups and among other men for women's safety in the movement (and beyond), more prominent roles for women in the movement (and beyond) and regularly challenge sexist language and assumptions wherever you hear them.

Past Events

  • Project Fun by the Women's Caucus of Occupy Boston was an exciting, spot-on bat-projection of Occupy messages onto the side of a building very visible from Copley Square, a central location of First Night Boston (December 31, 2011): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aIaGXz7RDvc