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BUTT (Broadcast Using This Tool)

Using BUTT as a Broadcasting Tool for OBR:

See instructions for DOWNLOADING BUTT here: http://butt.sourceforge.net/

Open the application BUTT:

Click on the SETTINGS Tab on the right of the window

A window will open up next to the current :

On the page of the “Main” Tab

Choose an Audio Device

▼ Select either the Codec Device (The mixer) or the Microphone option that is not a built-in device. (If they are not appearing close BUTT and restart as you may have plugged in your external device while BUTT was up and running. If problems still occur unplug mic or mixer while BUTT is closed, replug and restart BUTT.)window

Choose a Server for LIVE BROADCAST Click the button below Server that reads "ADD" a new window should pop up (If a new window does not appear move the "butt settings" window and look beneath.)

The new window is labeled "Edit Server", below are the appropriate inserts for the titles to be filled in:

      ▼ Select IceCast, not ShoutCast
  ▼ Name: OccupyBostonRadio
  ▼ Address: radio.occupyboston.org
  ▼ Port: 8000
  ▼  Password: (Please see a Producer for this)
  ▼ Mountpoint: oblive
   ▼ Click Save and the window will close

Back at the "butt settings" window:

       ▼ No Need to mess with Stream Infos:
    ▼Click the "Save Settings" bar

Next go to the "Stream" Tab in the "butt settings" window

Use the below settings:

  ▼ Bitrate: 128K
▼ Samplerate: 44100Hz
▼ Channel: Stereo
▼ Codec: mp3
▼ Ignore "Update song from file" and "Update song manually"

Next go to the "Rec" Tab in the "butt settings" window

   ▼ Filename: (Label the file with YOUR info in this format  your-show-title_ep1_jane-doe_2012-   02-28
 ▼ Save to: (Choose a folder you would like the recording to go if the available one does not suit.)
 ▼ Put a check next to "Start rec. when connected"
 ▼ Bitrate: 192K
 ▼ Samplerate: 44100Hz
  ▼ Channel: stereo
  ▼Codec: mp3

Go back to Main tab in the "butt settings window"

     ▼Click "Save Settings"
 ▼Close "butt settings" window

You are ready to broadcast live! Back in the original window labeled "butt-0.1.12":

    ▼ Check that external audio device (mic or mixer is picking up sound in the meter below the "info:" and "time:" panel
▼ Click the play button to record and air LIVE material.

Once you are live the blue panel will read: "info: on air" and "time: (your present time airing)

Troubleshooting: If "info:" reads "on air" but your "time:" keeps resetting you might be having an internet connection issue. Make sure you are plugged into a land line or choose another wifi connection.

Always listen on another device to obr.fm to check in on the stream and your broadcasting levels which can be adjusted on the mixing board or your microphone settings.