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  • Sarah, Tracy (Facilitating), Brandon (Notes), Patrick, Bob, Glenn, Todd


  • Sarah: Everybody really wanted new material on the air, so I've been scheduling stuff from archive.org into airtime. These shows need to be edited with introductions, and bumps. So we're looking for shows that have affinity with OBR.
  • Brandon: we should have a set color scheme for the Airtime calendar.
  • Airtime disk space trouble. what happens when we get to 3GB because at that point, airtime only downloads partial streams. This will be resolved when we move servers.


  • Sarah: we have a Wepay account! Ask your friends for $5! We can use the e5 space for fundraisers. Up to $1800 1/2 goes to e5, anything above that all goes to us.


  • Currently Brandon, Sarah, Tracy & Todd have keys to the space in e5. If you want to get into the space get in touch with one of those folks or the whole group, via email or other methods.
  • We can use the space from 9AM until 10PM.
  • We need to figure out how to do soundproofing.
  • Lets keep the space clean and tidy!
  • It gets hot so open the window.
  • Currently you shouldn't leave any valuables in there, also don't leave the door to the office space unlocked, not only do we not want our stuff to get taken, but also we don't want to be responsible for anything that belongs to e5 being stolen.
  • Let's not have food in the studio space. Drinks are OK, just be careful with them.
  • Our contacts at e5 are Alissa, Charn-Chi (sp?) and Soren.
  • We will be getting a key & security code for the downstairs gate.
  • We do have work days as part of our rental agreement. They're posted right next to our cubby hole. Our first one isn't until March? It will usually be 3 days every 3 months or so. We can also check the bathroom before we leave (& maybe replace toilet paper).
  • We have a mailbox!
Occupy Boston Radio
33 Harrison Avenue
5th Floor
Boston, MA

Mission Statement

  • Today was supposed to be about missions statements, but we don' think there's enough people here so we're going to postpone it until two weeks from today.
  • Brandon: I'm going to setup an etherpad and send it out to the list so people can collaborate before then.

Show Rundowns

  • Tracy: We had an awesome show tonight with Bob from VFP, and we'll do a prerecorded on for next week. I've also got some ideas for another commentary show.
  • Todd: Occupy History is finally getting underway (we might change the name). News will also be up for Friday (& Sat, Sun).
  • Patrick: Chris and I are going to record on the 11th and 12th, and hopefully we'll get three shows out of it. It's on the MA casino stuff.
  • Zoey: Starting to setup a midnight music show Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursdays from 12am to 3am (for now).
  • Brandon: I'm going to try to get the OBIT Morning F/OSS for this Sunday (at noon).
  • Glenn: Hopefully will be starting the OBR updates (daily digest run-through of what's on the calendar, daily between 15 & 30 minutes) sometime later this week.
  • Other shows for this week: Robin's show with Matt & Civil Science with Kathryn & Brandon.


  • Sarah: I'm sorry I haven't sent it out yet, I'll send it out tonight.